Xcel execs fly high in leased jets, at ratepayers' expense

  • Article by: JENNIFER BJORHUS and SUZANNE ZIEGLER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: November 19, 2009 - 5:41 AM
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stymes01Nov. 18, 09 9:29 PM

There is no way, zero, that this is necessary with modern communication. The company already is allowed to raise rates in the winter time when gas use is higher and residents here have long thought this practice was problematic. Here is another issue with the energy company. Great.

webfootNov. 18, 09 9:40 PM

in this country to get this **** to stop????? Every day, we get another story of the taxpayers having to pick up the tab for some executive's ponzi scheme, some sort of rip off, and executive travel and expenses; the list goes on and on. Enough is enough!! Do we NOT GET IT YET why most of our good paying jobs have been shipped overseas? Do we not understand why most of the stuff we import from China that used to be made here, is nothing but crap?? Do we wonder why we have to buy an extended warranty on everything we buy these days because of where it's made?? We need to WAKE UP and wake up fast before it's too late. We're heading down that road right NOW.

ranger78Nov. 18, 09 9:40 PM

The gov't guarantee's them a rate of return. So they get to pile on corporate jets, etc., onto the balance sheet and we pay the price. Nice of our gov't to rip private companies and give these guys a free pass. Without the jets and related expenses, our rates could be lower. But nope. Good job regulators.

kenw1952wNov. 18, 09 9:42 PM

highly paid executives and politicians would attempt to rationalize them. With today's telecommunications and technologies, this type of abuse in hardly necessary but then to pass the cost on to ratepayers is criminal.

mcleanmNov. 18, 09 9:44 PM

Or would this under the "What the hell were they thinking" Or would it fall under "We thought that they would never find out".

jwblackNov. 18, 09 9:46 PM

substitute federal politicians and taxpayers and you'd get almost the same article.

kjdukartNov. 18, 09 9:53 PM

Everyone knows that only government wastes money! It simply can't be true.

strib01Nov. 18, 0910:02 PM

Reporters Jennifer Bjorhus and Suzanne Ziegler did what newsreporters are supposed to do, find and report news that matters. Good job.

redqidNov. 18, 0910:04 PM

I get the Xcel airplane thing, but I think it is nothing compared to Goldman Sachs. GS is giving $17 billion in bonuses this year which is $56 for very single person in the US! But does anyone care? No, let Wallstreet suck the life out of this country.

bexar4Nov. 18, 0910:16 PM

Jennifer and Suzanne - how about an objective report? What is the net cost to the company, using a balance of advance and walk-up airfares vs. charter cost per passenger, manhours spent in transit, cost of overnight accomodations when the airlines can't get you home but the charter can, value of productive time of employees meeting enroute onboard a company aircraft? Airline travel or a different balance of charter and airline travel may prove more efficient for this company, but at least let us read the whole story. Once you determine the annual cost difference, divide that number by the units of energy delivered to Xcel customers to tell us what the cost of this travel is to the average individual consumer. You've simply jumped on the journalistic bandwagon of bashing the U.S General Aviation industry without reasearching all the facts. As the print media struggles to survive are you adopting the same standards as talk radio as your formula for survival?


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