Bachmann leads rally opposing health plan

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ AND ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: November 6, 2009 - 7:31 AM

Thousands of protesters gathered at the U.S. Capitol and chanted "Kill the bill."

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cpceepNov. 5, 0910:04 AM

Thank you Rep. Bachmann and all the supporters in DC. There will be Minnesotans at our capitol at noon today.

snarfleberryNov. 5, 0910:11 AM

Bachmann's flaming opposition to any sort of health care reform is ignorant, ill-informed, disingenuous and typical of conservatives whose only concern is the transfer of money from the poor and the middle class to the wealthy and arrogant at the greatest possible speed.

glenbcNov. 5, 0910:12 AM

You could think of it as torpedoing democratic health care plans, though you could also see it as a fractious movement to deny basic health care to all Americans, by individuals who don't care very much about everyone else, but wield the symbols of patriotism as weapons in political debates.

revrurikNov. 5, 0910:13 AM

I'm a Freedom loving American who thinks that Ms. Bachmann is someone who's more interested in getting her face in the news than in helping people. I support Health Care Reform with a Public Option. I'm sick of the lies coming from Republicans and the 'death camp' delusions coming from Ms. Bachmann. Other countries have successful health care systems, but the conservatives want to continue the current, failing system because it puts money in their pockets. This is pure selfishness and greed, which have become synonymous with the GOP of late. Whatever happened to the moderate Republican who actually cared about America and its citizens?

pfbramNov. 5, 0910:13 AM

Gotta hand it to both the Demopublicans and Republicrats for diverting the real debate. Instead of discussing single-payer or medicare for all -- not just the elderly -- we're debating whether we should be subsidizing private insurers. Gotta hand it to D.C. for constantly creating wedges in the wrong place, such that it doesn't matter which side wins -- we lose.

dlambrNov. 5, 0910:13 AM

It would appear that Rep. Bachmann and her supporters haven't done so. It doesn't do any of the things she's claiming while denigrating the bill. And to the larger point, pretty much seems to be a lot of crazy talk. Seriously, "nothing scares members of Congress more than freedom-loving Americans," she says? What in God's name is she talking about?

jimruthNov. 5, 0910:15 AM

This will wake up some politicians (though I'm not holding my breath. Thank you Michelle!

saintcroixNov. 5, 0910:18 AM

"She also said the protesters will "remind members of the lessons of August," when protesters known as tea partiers disrupted congressional town hall meetings across the country."_________________________________Oh really? At Bachmann's own town hall meeting in August the vast majority in attendance supported health care reform and a public option. Evidently Crazy Shelley didn't learn her lesson that day.

leakyboatNov. 5, 0910:20 AM what this initiative will have. The only folks who can stop health care reform are the Democrats. People like Bachmann are merely fleas on an elephant. She correctly has observed that the staged protests of August have died down. Most rationale people are now on board with health care reform and a majority supports a public option. There is no chance that she will stoke any sort of uprising. Bachmann is a character only appreciated by and influential with ultra-conservatives. She cannot change the mind of a rational person.

StMaliceNov. 5, 0910:20 AM

Will the theme song from Benny Hill be playing in the background?


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