Hartman: Vikings gave this one away to Pittsburgh

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 26, 2009 - 5:56 AM

Minnesota thoroughly outplayed the Steelers but made way too many mistakes to remain undefeated.

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LMHANSONOct. 25, 09 7:56 PM

Yes, the Vikings outplayed the Steelers and should have won that game, but you must remember, just one week ago, the Ravens should have beaten the Vikings. The 49ers also should have beaten the Vikings in week 3. It all evens itself out and luck can go with you one week and against you the next week. Overall, I was impressed with the effort by the Vikings today, the coaching staff did a good job this week to put the Vikings in position to win the game. The offense got a little conservative on 1st and goal from the 1, but kudos to a very tough Pittsburgh defense. Bottom line is the Vikings went into Pittsburgh and had a chance to beat the defending Super Bowl champions. I would much rather go into Lambeau next weekend and beat the Packers for the season sweep.

hakestermanOct. 25, 09 7:59 PM

THe Vikings are sitting in fine shape. They stuck with the Steelers through the entire game till the end. Give pittspurg credit they made two more good plays then the Vikings. This game could of gone either way, the Pack is next then a Bye. If were 6-2 going into the bye were still sitting pretty. If we beat the Packers AGAIN, it could be the begining of the end for cheeseheads. Go Vikings...............

bloodwartOct. 25, 09 8:00 PM

Vikings fans probably didn't notice but during the entire game the FOX broadcasters -- Albert, Johnston and Siragusa -- were clearly rooting for the Vikes. Aren't the announcers supposed to remain impartial?

kenw1952wOct. 25, 09 8:00 PM

The Vikes dominated but made costly mistakes. The stat that jumps out the most is the 11 penalties on Vikes but only 3 for Steelers......if the Vikes make it to the SB, at least they won't have to worry about this officiating crew "jobbing" them again as they won't be officiating playoff games after this game.

gp1243Oct. 25, 09 8:03 PM

It wouldn't have bothered me if the Vikes went in to Pittsburg and got wipped, but I have never seen a game with such obvious Vegas influences. Its a shame for all the players who went there and played their hearts out. With the refs on the take in this game, the Vikes had no chance.

dbeilkeOct. 25, 09 8:05 PM

If our defense had made those plays you would be touting their excellence. It looks like a giveaway but they still executed the plays to make it happen. both sequences turned out to be probably 14 point swings, but it took a guy to knock the ball out of favre's hand and another to catch the deflection, we didn't just hand it to them. A similar performance next week if they can eliminate the return TD's would be an easy victory and put green bay out of the chase.

steelers6Oct. 25, 09 8:05 PM

Come on!! Outplayed? Statically speaking the only number that counts is 27-17. The Steelers made the plays they needed to, the vikings did not. They could not run on the Steelers so they forced them to become one dimensional. Sure they put up yardage but by being forced to pass they didn't run Peterson from the one when they needed to, no confidence that they could get it done. And same goes for the interception and fumble. The Steelers forced those mistakes, it wasn't given to them!!

barrywindOct. 25, 09 8:05 PM

Both teams made plenty of mistakes and had plenty of penalties.

starrpower49Oct. 25, 09 8:06 PM

Typical Viking fan/writer inability to process the facts. We'd be good if we weren't this bad" would approximate the above rationalization of "we would have won by two touchdowns if...........",LMAO!! The better team won people! The better team finds a way to win more frequently than not. Stats are for Viking fans....it's all they have to show for 50 years of play! The trophies are to the east boys and girls, in the mecca of professional football: Green Bay! See you sunday.........

smartasurOct. 25, 09 8:08 PM

as painful as it is and as hopeful as we were, this was to be expected. the only unknown was who, where and/or when. the unfortunate truth is that it will only get worse. . i'm not bashing or anything-just saying you can't build a team around a one-season championship plan and expect everything to go correctly. vikes should win division and probably advance beyond the wildcard in the playoffs-then it's over...


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