MEA break is a peak travel time: Airport expects bustle

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  • Updated: October 14, 2009 - 8:59 PM

MEA break is a peak travel weekend.

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jackson42000Oct. 14, 09 9:52 AM

the students get rested. They've been in school a wopping 6 weeks in a row.

mattaudioOct. 14, 0910:10 AM

is only getting 10 days of paid vacation a year in the 'real world' most of which is eaten up by things I have to do outside of work and not by actual vacations. I miss that part of school!

lenny7Oct. 14, 0910:28 AM

Why take away school days from the kids? Hold this conference in the summer!

stpaulcjOct. 14, 0910:40 AM

The comments on this article will surely descend into another attack on teachers - heck lenny7 already started. But I just want to point out a couple of things. First of all a big part of the space in this article is devoted to telling how resort owners, hotels, and other tourism-related businesses promote and depend on this last weekend of relatively decent weather. The second point is that many high school seniors use these next two days off to visit colleges both in MN and around the country. It's far better for them to visit while those schools are in session - they can talk with students, sit in on classes, and generally get a feel for what the institutions are like when they are in session. And it's to the students' advantage to not miss their high school courses to do that. So to me it seems like there are an awful lot of people with a lot riding on MEA Weekend - very few of them being teachers.

esteban9901Oct. 14, 0911:18 AM

Its a nice break for kids. I think the school year should be lengthened by 30 or so days. Sorry kids.

ca2642Oct. 14, 0911:26 AM

How many teachers actually attend this conference?

srgtslotterOct. 14, 0911:35 AM

MEA is an excuse not to teach.

davidmcmOct. 14, 0911:59 AM

Of course not. I'd like to see how many teachers are getting on these flights to warm weather destinations, while Education Minnesota has the audacity to interruupt my dinner hour with that dufus Education Minnesota president telling me that I need to make school funding my top priority. These people border on criminal!

MUSKIEDOGOct. 14, 0912:07 PM

Many educators absent.

sabn8erOct. 14, 0912:20 PM

Students have about 175 days, teachers 185 depending on the district. if MEA goes away. summer starts two days earlier and I think the two days in the fall have more positive economic impact on the state them two more in the summer. Now if people what a longer school year that has nothing to do with MEA.


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