Pawlenty says health plan would cut costs

  • Article by: BOB VON STERNBERG and WARREN WOLFE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: October 13, 2009 - 8:06 PM

Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare users would face out-of-pocket costs to encourage visits to efficient clinics.

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butchie57Oct. 13, 0911:43 AM

In my 63 years of being a Minnesota resident, and having voted for many Governors to run our great State. I have never seen such a negative positon on managing our state as Tim Pawlenty has done. He is never in agreement on anything, and has not done anything to unite our state, however, has done a great deal of harm. I will be glad when his term is over. (President) of U.S. don't make me laugh!!

olderchickOct. 13, 0911:44 AM

I find it interesting that Mr. Pawlenty's comments so reflect a "proposal" & I use the word loosely of the Republican party. Why would anyone think that merely allowing health insurance companies to cross sell across state lines would bring the costs of health insurance down. It hasn't brought the costs of auto insurance or homeowners insurance down & most of the major companies sell in all or most states. Again, lets not speak of real reform & lets continue to be in the pockets of the health insurance companies. Oh yes & let's not forget their recent released "study" that says a public OPTION will only increase their costs. Can you say scare tactics boys & girls? After all it is almost Halloween!

johnnycgoodOct. 13, 0911:45 AM

"Pawlenty plans to weigh in---again---on the issue". If I only had a dime for each time Obama showed his face on TV or town halls to "weigh in---again".

occam73Oct. 13, 0911:46 AM

Is that anything like the way property taxes and college tuition have been made more "consumer-centric" during Pawlenty's tenure?

occam73Oct. 13, 0911:48 AM

Will this be anything like the way Pawlenty made college tuition and property taxes more "consumer-centric?" Yeah, I thought so. Some non-solution...

mdecock23Oct. 13, 0911:48 AM

But more work needs to be done to make sure everyone has access to health care when they are sick or injured. Health care is about people first, and costs second. We need to care about both to be a successful society.

julio57Oct. 13, 0911:53 AM

While it is nothing more than far-right propaganda to call them "death panels", there should be a reasonable amount of concern of how health care is going to be "rationed". If Pres. Obama's plan is going to save money (and I pray it does), it will have to be partly due to effective use of expensive medical procedures. And if the it going to be operated on a budget, that means that if costs and treatments keep rising, they will have to say "no" to someone. The Democrats have to be sure to add language that says there cannot be limits on total care while somehow figuring out a way to control the costs. That is what Republicans fear. How can they control costs in something as volitile as health care? I don't have the answers, but I am to pay for my own insurance, regardless of the expense.

savagebiker1Oct. 13, 0911:55 AM

Maybe the state should tighten the reigns on MA and MN Care. If they would monitor who is on the plans, that no longer qualify for the plan that they are on but are abusing the system, there would be a huge amount of dollars to spend in other areas. Sorry, but it is true! The people that abuse the government programs really know how to work the system. But the county workers don't have time to follow up on tips of who the abusers are. Sad but true!

kirby96Oct. 13, 0911:57 AM

Republicans decry 'death panels', but no one is gonna put grandma to death. Just because government (or private) insurance may decline to pay for the heroic surgery to extend 90 year old grandma's life on the respirator for a few days doesn't mean she can't get that surgery. It merely means that grandma (and her family) will have to pay for it THEMSELVES. Which is, of course, the Republican way, right? Why should my insurance premium go sky-high to pay for someone else's choice to live on a respirator. Take responsibility and pay for that one YOURSELF.

pjacobsmaOct. 13, 0911:58 AM

First Pawlenty wanted to use the Tenth Amendment (state's rights) to keep the Federal Government from implementing health care reform. Now he wants to reform health care by making it a form of interstate commerce - which would require a Federal law superseding state's rights. As usual, Pawlenty's "convictions" depend only on how well they serve him in getting his name in the press.


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