Patrick Reusse: Trading Nathan, demoting Gomez should be on to-do list

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 13, 2009 - 12:13 PM

Trade the closer, send Gomez to the minors and eight other things the Twins should do in preparation for playing at Target Field.

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goosenissleyOct. 12, 09 8:47 PM

I actually... agree with most of this. I feel so strange.

Meeks7Oct. 12, 09 8:49 PM

Remember Rick Aguliera?

dericksonOct. 12, 09 8:55 PM

"One day this winter, the Pohlad brothers will give the major proof of their financial commitment to the product by signing catcher Joe Mauer to a contract extension." "This will be a deal for such mega-bucks that Jim Pohlad will have to put it in the hands of his financial wizards -- rather than his baseball people -- but Mauer will have a contract before he reports with the pitchers and catchers in mid-February." this a done deal? What are the sources on this?

badger1997Oct. 12, 09 9:02 PM

Ship out Nathan and then replace him with a combo of Mijares and Neshek? Yeah, that will show Mauer we're serious about winning.

jackwellOct. 12, 09 9:05 PM

He's one of the top closers in the game, despite game 2. All closers blow games once in a while. It's ridiculous to frame this as if "hopefully someone will take him." We could get real value for him, if we were to trade him.

nvonarbOct. 12, 09 9:07 PM

I agree with most of this too and I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. In the end though are we really going to give the long term 25+Million per year contract it will take to resign Mauer now that he has power to go along with that average? (History tells us no) Cuddeyer looked great this year too and now that he is healthy, maybe we can package him with Mauer and land another Carlos Gomez type of player like the Santana deal. Ohhh, the joys of baseball when you don't live in New York, LA, Chicago, or Boston. Maybe MLB should just contract down to 6 teams and then they would finally have a level playing field. The entire structure of the game is BS.

stuckey_24Oct. 12, 09 9:16 PM

I guess Reusse has forgot that Guerrier has blown many games including the tiebreaker game when he let the Tigers tie it up. The only difference the Twins over came that unlike in New York. But lets keep him and ship out the guy with 47 saves!

criz123Oct. 12, 09 9:16 PM

Are you crazy? Joe Nathan is one of the top 5 closers in MLB. Reusse start writing about figure skating or something.

tcthebearOct. 12, 09 9:24 PM

Everytime he comes into a game it looks like Nathan is going to throw up in his OWN mouth! How many of his 47 saves this year came against crappy teams, like Cleveland and Kansas City? In any BIG game, he is overmatched. Dump him!

jercoreyOct. 12, 09 9:24 PM

This has never happened before. I think I agree with basically everything Pat said here. Either he's finally making sense, or I'm starting to lose mine.


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