Sid Hartman: Signs emerge indicating Wilfs would dump the Dome

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 2, 2009 - 12:42 AM

Stadium contracts are being limited to the life of the lease, and other teams are getting tired of footing the bills.

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romperroomOct. 1, 09 9:26 PM

what the name of the Vikes' new stadium in Industry, CA will be?

eggplant23Oct. 1, 09 9:33 PM

Ziggy should seek private financing, build a dream stadium and enjoy all the profits associated with the enterprise. Think what the value of the Vikes would be with that in hand. Don't ask the taxpayers to get in on this. (I'd rather watch hockey anyway.)

barryottOct. 1, 09 9:39 PM

If they want a stadium they can pay for it. If they want the state to pay they can stay in the dome, move, or fold the team. The Vikings need to solve their own problems. In case they haven't noticed there are a few more pressing priorities in Minnesota right now then a football stadium.

brefokOct. 1, 09 9:45 PM

and have them each ante up, done deal. Big shiny new stadium. Call it "The House That Sid Built".

stumpedOct. 1, 0910:11 PM

The Vikes will be missed by everyone who is saying "No" now. The new market that gets them will be happy and Minnesota will be the Nebraska of the Great White North. Go Wild.

PassOut76Oct. 1, 0910:16 PM

Hey how many of you know that the taxes collected for the new Twins stadiums have been diverted to the Library. Read the recent Hennepin county budget statement. The taxpayers were lied to by the county commissioners and if we vote to put more taxes in for the Vikings, we deserve what we get. Wake up folks!

vikings1Oct. 1, 0910:16 PM

Why do tax payers have to continue to foot bills so the rich can get richer? It's not like we'll get free tickets to the games if we build the Wilf's a new stadium. I love the Vikes, but in this economy we don't need to be throwing money to billionaires! The NFL and the Wilf's need to ante up.

USweet1UOct. 1, 0910:22 PM

Instead of paying $700 million for a new stadium to increase Vikings revenue by $30 million per year, why don't we just give the Vikings $30 million per year for the next 23 1/3 years to play in the dome?

maypowOct. 1, 0910:51 PM

Why? Maybe cuz u will lose all those perks you get from the owners? Again, as I have said...32 owners....$30mill stadium...owned by the NFL....all income goes to them minus sales taxes to the the state, county and city....NFL will not move the team...and the NFL will not ask for a new stadium ever few years.....

linkerOct. 1, 0911:12 PM

This is the last time I am going to offer any Ideas on this matter. For 6-10 years I imagined turning the Dome into an indoor business park. The surrounding concourses would house the businesses and the field area could be used as an indoor "Central Park", jogging, lunch, etc., then build a stadium out at Canterbury. Now that Mall of America has gotten involved, I believe a swap or co-exisance can be had. Turn the Dome into the Mall of America with enormous rides on the field area and take the bloomington site and turn it into " The Old Met"(talk about history). I know a lot of you readers look at this as a crazy pipe dream, but in this era, thinking like this can't be ignored. Make due with what you have or take the old and make it new...I'm done.


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