Al Franken, David Durenberger: The status quo is wasting billions

  • Updated: October 1, 2009 - 11:12 AM
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mackroeSep. 30, 09 7:11 PM

Franken can't even write an opinion article without help. I'll solve the whole issue here. Stop government subsidies of college education. Its the primary reason it costs so damn much to go in the first place. Its not worth it on a cost benefit basis anymore.

dankozSep. 30, 09 8:43 PM

that a Democrat and a responsible Republican would agree on a way to make a government program more efficient and cost effective. I don't think today's Republicans want a better government, they act far more like they want to totally destroy America's government once and for all.

MoojaSep. 30, 09 8:45 PM

Senator Smalley, can you point me to the paragraph in the U.S. Constitution that enumerates the right of the Federal government to forcefully extract taxes from it's citizens to fund college loans? The federal government has no business being in this business.

lsorens1Sep. 30, 09 8:55 PM

He wants to save 87 Billion but spend 900 Billion on health care. My 11 year old daughter already has a public debt of $135,0000. When are these crooks of both parties gonna stop?

RedGuyInBlueStateSep. 30, 09 8:57 PM

You must have went to Minnesota's public schools, because the logic is quite simple. Because the Minnesota public colleges and universities get big subsidies, and because the student loan program are heavily subsidized, the colleges and universities waste tons of money knowing that they can always raise tuition and ask for more state aid. Now...take away the subsidies from the loan programs and the state aid, and force the providers (colleges and universities) to provide a product at market based price that the consumers (students) have to pay for like any other loan, and the costs will come down significantly. Of course, that might mean less subisidized student activist groups, having to cut back on the thousands of administrators, and getting rid of college degrees and courses that are not profitable...but at least getting a real degree would be affordable.

DannysteelSep. 30, 09 9:13 PM

"If you're thinking there must be a better way, there is. It's called direct lending." What one calls it and what it turns out to be, especially when Durenburger and Franken agree have unintended results. Durenburger was DFL lite, always a fave of the Stribune, see Arne Carlson. This should send out red flags like crazy.

collegeloancSep. 30, 09 9:14 PM

Banks are not the only ones involved in FFELP loans. There are some state agencies who, by acting as aggregators for FFELP loans, offer greater benefits to their Stafford borrowers than they can get under the Direct Loan program. The Alaska Commission on PostSecondary Education is one such agency. Of course there are others who have not done as well for their students. Many borrowers will never notice the difference when their loan program is switched, but some will see their benefits curtailed. Students who have the most to gain from this change are those who might not take out student loans at all, the Pell recipients.

rangefareSep. 30, 09 9:32 PM

Don't "save", CUT spending. You have Trillions of cuts to go. Or do you like increasing the debt every day you are in power. I know President Bush raised the debt also but that doesn't mean you should keep piling it on also does it? I guess that's your logic that its my turn for my programs to raise the debt. Please try and do the right thing.

joeeeeeeSep. 30, 0910:08 PM

when she wants to go to college but he doesn't have the money for tuition? Daddy killed the program?

rick24rick24Sep. 30, 0911:13 PM

Does this sound very similar to what is happening with the health care reform legislation? Do you realize the the health insurance corporations have 6 lobbyists for every member of Congress? No wonder, "We the People" have no power or pull in Congress. With so many lobbyists, the corporate Democrats and Republicans don't have the time to listen to the average, everyday, ordinary, working person in America.


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