Minnesota Poll: Most don't back a Pawlenty run

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER and PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 29, 2009 - 7:16 AM

But if he did win the GOP nomination for president in 2012, almost as many would consider voting for him.

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BlueCrew21Sep. 29, 0912:19 AM

I would for sure love to see him run, but than again in the always Blue State why would this story be a surprise??? It would be a surprise if it was the other way around...... Thanks for once again reporting something we already knew Startribune.

crystalbaySep. 29, 0912:28 AM

I have lost all respect for this man as I've observed him abandoning all pretense of being moderate and selling his soul to the fright-wing devil. He sold his integrity right along with flagging popularity.

klimekmaSep. 29, 0912:40 AM

Considering he shut down the government twice and decided to go at it alone a thrid time.....forget it! He doesn't play nice with others in Minnesota, what makes you think he will play nice with others at a national level?

jazzpantsSep. 29, 0912:43 AM

But I'd give him a wholehearted no. It's about being motivational, about convincing and inspiring people. This is something he truly lacks. Regardless what you think of them, Clinton, Obama, Reagan, were all able to motivate people, excite people, whatever it is. Even Bush was able to tap into the conservative base. Pawlenty's about as inspiring as a white wall.

orpheus90Sep. 29, 0912:53 AM

I would look at Pawlenty earnestly in a presidential contest if I felt Pawlently was capable of bringing genuine intellectual substance and reform to a party that is otherwise imploding with extremist delusion, silliness and shocking irrationality. Instead, Pawlenty appears to be encouraging this bankrupt, politcally decadent sensibility by pandering to it. This can't be condoned at any level.

sloblee1Sep. 29, 09 1:04 AM

T-Paw should quit so the State can try to find a way to balance the budget. T-Paw is to busy pandering to right to do much good for the people he is supposed to represent.

jcm028Sep. 29, 09 1:05 AM

Tim Pawlenty would be a wonderful choice and a great pick to be the President of this great country, of course, Minnesota is in a political world of their own and usually doesn't represent the national sentiment (we were the only state to NOT vote for Reagan). Yet again, in this day of age, when someone the likes of Obama, with almost no experience or ability to lead City, much less a state or even a nation! Then someone who kept the spending liberals at bay for 8 years would be great for this country. "Democrat's tax forms: what did you make last year? Send it in"

minncitizenSep. 29, 09 1:11 AM

Pawlenty is a slime ball. He filled state government with his political cronies at the expense of the taxpayers and then tried to hide the cronies in state agency budgets. He claimed these political cronies were "policy advisors". Oh please. He has promoted incompetence by appointing individuals to positions for which they were not qualified--such as Molnau who he appointed to head up the Department of Transportation. How many people died? He overlooks the misdoings of his minions when they are identified by the Legislative Auditor and he turns a blind eye rather than demanding correction. The guy presided over the biggest increase in funding for the arts at a time when Minnesota was sinking into a near economic depression. I hope the little sleeze ball does run. The national press will have a lot of fun with this weasel.

hockeyguy612Sep. 29, 09 1:12 AM

so this poll comes to the shocking conclusion that liberals won't vote for Pawlenty but conservatives will?

jackal18Sep. 29, 09 1:19 AM

Pawlenty did not: 1. make this state the healthiest 2. make this state the highest insured 3. make the U one of the best schools in the country 4. make this state one of the most educated in the union 5. protect MN environment 6. Govern


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