Anoka-Hennepin board votes to shutter 6 schools

  • Article by: NORMAN DRAPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 28, 2009 - 11:05 PM
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luckylagerSep. 28, 09 9:39 PM

"Wenzel voted against the resolution, in part, he said, because the closings save the district $700,000 more than it needs to save because of declining enrollment." You'd really hate to save the taxpayer more money than you need to.

gopherfan10101Sep. 28, 09 9:46 PM

Never thought Id see the day they would close down Sandburg. Lots of memories in that old building. Bummer

codycatSep. 28, 09 9:53 PM

Unless you were at the meeting and heard all of board member Wenzel's comments, be careful about about criticism. As a taxpayer, I'd gladly pay to retain the quality education that schools now slated for closure have provided. The point being made by Mr. Wenzel was the district's message all along was the need to save $2.4 million, not $3.1 million; its about transparency. The "extra" savings, in theory, could have saved a school ... maybe the one my children attended.

bippy742Sep. 28, 09 9:53 PM

So it sounds like there will be two elementary schools within blocks of each other. Parkview and Oxbow. I haven't been in Oxbow for a couple years, but I have a hard time believing they are operating at full capacity. I'd love to hear what some of you others think of this...?

killermebeSep. 28, 0910:16 PM

The Strib says it's six and right now a KARE11 headline says it's eight. Anyone know?

dbeilkeSep. 28, 0910:16 PM

we need to close all our schools so that the rich can get another tax cut. that's the big picture. school only for those who can afford it, and to hell with the rest of you!

luckylagerSep. 28, 0910:40 PM

As a taxpayer I am happy to see the other council members cutting out unnecessary spending, even if it means your precious snowflake may have to attend a different school next year. A-H School District enrollment is declining and is projected to continue to decline over the next 30 years. Maybe you have an unlimited cache of funds in which to pay for tax increases to keep these unneeded schools open. I don't.

tria56Sep. 28, 0910:43 PM

Six schools are closing permanently. Two additional schools are being closed to their current students, but re-opened next year as reconfigured schools.

yesicanSep. 28, 0910:44 PM

"The "extra" savings, in theory, could have saved a school ... maybe the one my children attended." To "save" any school that is not needed because of ones feelings is not a good reason. Everyone thinks there school is the best. People change schools all the time - get over it! The school board (for once) did the prudent thing at a time where people are hurting financially.

bigticketSep. 28, 0910:47 PM

Do you have framed pictures of Obama and George Soros on your nightstand? Seriously.


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