Minnesota Poll: Hints of optimism about economy, personal finances

  • Article by: KARA McGUIRE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 28, 2009 - 12:03 AM
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obamageddonSep. 28, 0912:08 AM

The older folk who have been through more than their first election are seeing what is really going on with the future of this economy, and what the current administration and congress are doing to put us in the tank for decades to come.

The young 'uns are still holding on to the "hopey-changey" marketing schtick they fell for.

obamageddonSep. 28, 0912:10 AM

This article started out with a headline that younger people are optimistic, bu the rest of the population is pessimistic. Why did the article change?

McBushSep. 28, 0912:47 AM

Now that Pawlenty's bowed out of running the state people are starting to feel better. His leadership, (or lack of) was a real cause for depression.

dbeilkeSep. 28, 09 1:14 AM

While you endorse failed policies like those of Herbert Hoover. Keep your "experience" as it's clearly good for squat. Try reading sometime, maybe you'll learn something.

coolnoutSep. 28, 09 5:31 AM

Hope for what, more Republican obstruction? The political leaders have shown the direction they want this county to go and it's the same crap that got us in this mess. Less taxes for the top 5%, send anything manufactured offshore along with the corporations taxes and set up fancy unregulated ponzi schemes to undermine the working class and their savings. And don't forget before 'checking out' to give the rest of your hard earned money back to the health care system so their next CEO leaves with his billion dollar salary!

ORIOLE75Sep. 28, 09 5:41 AM

And I see many older Americans are still falling for that tired mantra that "The market will fix everything all by itself"......the under regulated financial market almost destroyed the global economy.

mnhusker4Sep. 28, 09 6:26 AM

Where? As long as government tries to control everything, we will never get out of this mess. The dems will tell you that deregulation caused the mess we are in, but that's one of their lies they throw out there like racism. Too much regulation caused the housing mess and that's a fact that no lib can argue against.

drillforoilSep. 28, 09 6:26 AM

I will feel better about this economy when I get a job. Until then, I have to keep looking daily and Pray to God that I will get a job soon.

tbot2000Sep. 28, 09 6:34 AM

The wingers are calling what Obama has done "Hoover-esque" How quickly they forget it was Bush who pushed through the first 700 Billion$$ bailout. And the best part, his bill was only about one page long and I heard it was written in big letters in crayon so even he could understand it. At least Obama's stimulus came with regulations. And guess what, it's clearly working. I can see the bitter wingers here are at least happy the country is on the right track though.. refreshing..;)

vespa50spSep. 28, 09 7:15 AM

We haven't had real wage growth since the 1970's. We are maxing out on women entering the workforce to support family income and can't borrow against inflated home values. The real question is, where is the money going to come from for a recovery? Not from the consumers and the Feds can't keep printing it forever. The middle class is looking at sustained no growth and a realignment of expectations. We'll eventually (in a long time) cycle out of this, but it could be a decade and the US might not be in the same position as before, with China holding the mortgage.


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