Doors close on 4 Minneapolis schools

  • Article by: EMILY JOHNS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 23, 2009 - 6:16 AM

Pratt is saved, but four schools will close, four magnet programs will become neighborhood schools and parents will have fewer school choices, unless they want to drive their children to school.

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hollywSep. 22, 09 9:24 PM

Save on buses?? Really? Kids will be forced to bus or drive to a new school...even though they are just blocks away from their current school...

coldplayruleSep. 22, 09 9:45 PM

Very disappointed in the school board's decisions. Class sizes have blown out of proportion to 35+ kids from 3rd grade upwards; choices are reduced for schools in logical areas; advanced programs are axed in favor of 'no child' keeping up programs - this should not be an either or situation. All in all, the school board is not in touch with what is needed to create the next generation of highly educated children. Minneapolis should be prepared for this and be looking ahead right now.

dgbrongSep. 22, 09 9:58 PM

They suck money, and are largely ineffective.

paxtonhallSep. 22, 09 9:58 PM

If Pratt School, the smallest school in the district with fewer than 200 students and the oldest school building, stays open, there was no integrity in the process.

javelinguySep. 22, 0910:24 PM

It's William Green, not Richard Green. Richard Green is a former Superintendent who died in the late 80's, I believe. Terrible typo to make, people.

razzy2000Sep. 22, 0910:32 PM

sounds like some good steps being taken, 33million in just transportation costs!!! Making kids go to school where they live instead of in another city! Bout friggen time! Not sure about the Pratt school thing, if it is that small and the building is very old, why didn't this get closed down? And to heck with this spanish emmersion thing, my friends kids attended a spanish emmersion school and all they use spanish for now is,,,,,,not a darn thing! What a waste of money, if the kid wants to learn another language, Mom and Dad--buck up, otherwise english sounds just fine to me. Now if the kid needs to learn english, by all means get t hat kid in a english program pronto! Our education program needs a serious kick in the butt, this sounds like a good step in the right direction for a change!!!

lylegodSep. 22, 0910:37 PM

My sister lives across the street from Clara Barton which will remain a magnet school because that's where the school boards' kids go. So she and her neighbors now have to bus their kids PAST the school across the street to a school a few miles away... just so that the 75% of Barton kids can continue to get bussed INTO the neighborhood. Good old political BS.

reggie12Sep. 22, 0910:39 PM

What exactly happened over the last thirty years? You attended school at the neighborhood/closest school and there was a bus that took you there. Choices? If your parents wanted to change schools, they moved. If they didn't want to move, they got involved and tried to make their community school better.

Wolf577Sep. 22, 0911:20 PM

As a long time performer and supporter of Morris Park Players, I also am very upset and concerned about the closing of Folwell Middle School. Not only was Folwell just an educational institution, it also served as the rehearsal and performance space for the community theatre for many years. For over 50 years, MMP has entertained the south Minneapolis area with classic musicals. With the closing of Folwell, where will this institution go to bring family entertainment to the area? The sad truth is that school closures not only affect the classroom, but those community groups that use the space and enhance the surrounding area. Here's hoping that Morris Park will be able to find a solution or an alternate space in order to bring another 50 years of family entertainment.

kgreen8836Sep. 23, 0912:39 AM

This is former MPS Supt Richard Green's daughter. You have my father's name placed under Bill Green's picture. Currently, you have him listed as Richard Green...hello? Someone should fix that mistake!!!!


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