Kent Conrad: 'This (health care) bill is ... not the status quo'

  • Article by: Jill Burcum , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 21, 2009 - 11:45 PM

Working behind closed doors all summer was the U.S. Senate's so-called "Gang of Six,'' a small group of Democratic and Republican senators who became the last, best hope to fashion a bipartisan health reform bill. North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad, a Democrat, was a member of this select group, the proposals of which are expected to become the blueprint for any reform passed this fall. The committee is led by Montana Democrat Sen. Max Baucus, who released the bill last week. All 23 members of the Senate Finance Committee are set to weigh the legislation this week. Editorial writer Jill Burcum followed up with Conrad via e-mail:

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RipAndersonSep. 21, 09 8:41 PM

But it SCREWS OVER the 10 million seniors who are on Medicare Replacement plans, not Original Medicare.

swschradSep. 21, 09 9:05 PM

and so it's going to be special interests that determine what if anything passes. something needs to, NEEDS to, before the whole country is outsourced. that more than anything else, to me, mandates a public option plan. "like what you have, keep it. don't like it, you can now change. can't get anything? you can now get what Congress gets." that's what the President was selling. that's what we need. kwitcherbitchyn and just vote. Friday is soon enough.

makecents101Sep. 21, 09 9:19 PM

We don't need another late night talk show host.............We need a President not a TV icon.

phil55Sep. 21, 09 9:52 PM

the house bill has shown us the devil is in the details lets read it and form opinions rather then just another politician talking, i think we have all had enough of their twist on the truth

myhushpuppySep. 22, 0912:06 AM

With this type of waste already happening. Whats going to happen when the take over most of the health care. Look at the governments responsibility with Social Security. This insurance plan will be the biggest and most expensive flop ever.

fedup08Sep. 22, 0912:48 AM

Senator Conrad states in his answer "The bill saves money by reforming our reimbursement system to focus on quality, rather than simply rewarding more procedures even when they don't do anything to improve health care. It eliminates excess payments to insurance companies in Medicare Advantage, where some plans charge the taxpayers one and a half times as much to take care of each senior as it would cost if those seniors were in the regular Medicare program." This is called rationing. Welcome to healthcare reform seniors. The Democrats aren't cocerned with your quality of care.

fairtax007Sep. 22, 09 3:57 AM

Let each person buy his own health insurance. It is not fair that some people are given health insurance tax free. Seft employed people must pay for their insurance with after tax dollars. If a person is given free health insurance then income should be pay for the value they receive. That's fairness

hswcbSep. 22, 09 5:59 AM

Conrad takes hundreds of thousands, as does Baucus, from the insurance companies. This effort of theirs is nothing but a sell out to the big boys at out expense.

mobydick1Sep. 22, 09 6:14 AM

What is it with people. They fear rationing of medical care for the elderly. Hey, gang, wake up! You are not going to get eternal life on this planet. We are all gonna die. Why go to heroic measures to save terminally ill people. Death is part of life and us old people have to get used to the concept. Why "shoot down" plans because of our own selfish, hopeless condition.

theoracleSep. 22, 09 7:47 AM

Sunday morning when one of the news commentators asked Obama about ACORN, Obama said that he wasn't aware that ACORN receives government funds. Obama worked for ACORN training community organizers. Obama represented ACORN in two lawsuits which he won. ACORN is earmarked to receive 8.5 billion dollars from Obama's stimulus bill and Obama's not aware that ACORN receives government money? And now we're supposed to put our health care into the hands of this pathalogical liar. Obama constantly lies and distorts facts to further his socialist agenda. Remember the one about creating and saving millions of jobs? Didn't know what a radical Reverend Wright was. Didn't know William Ayers. The list goes on and on. How people can trust and believe this snake oil salesman is beyond me!


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