Nick Coleman: Pawlenty goes equatorial on the polar cap

  • Article by: NICK COLEMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 30, 2009 - 11:21 AM

Still, he was friend on climate change for a spell, and it helped, says Will Steger.

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vortmaxAug. 29, 09 5:59 PM

Yes it does...we are in no danger from increasing co2's a charade and observation does not equal the hypothesis being made. Measurement of said 'problem' is also full of holes from ridiculous tree ring proxy assumptions to the plethora of surface data issues. The public is not concerned and if the govt puts a stranglehold on our energy sources and prices soar because of cap-n-tax, the politicians that vote and support this idiocy will pay during election time...not all of them, but many.

vortmaxAug. 29, 09 6:00 PM

...You may finally be seeing the light. Stray far far away from cap-n-tax if you want any chance at the Whitehouse.

davehougAug. 29, 09 6:16 PM

I have seen many articles talking about the intelligence of pro AND con on the issue of increasing man-made CO2 = Global Warming. I have only seen a chart linking the CO2 levels and temperature. I have NOT seen the science testing this idea. A gallon of gasoline creates a gallon of water vapor. Has anyone tracked world-wide humidity? What percentage change in the solar output would account for how many degrees and has THAT been tracked? EDUCATE us and SHOW us how ideas have been proven before asking to change global energy use. -

lvpops53Aug. 29, 09 6:20 PM

I wonder what other State or country he's making his latest revelations from? I see that both education and health care have been cut in Minnesota yet again, but timmy's travels just keep going and going. Just like that bunny on TV!

MickeyAug. 29, 09 7:15 PM

If the ice cap melts, even though the the avg. global temp has been cooling for seven years, and ice has been building on the other polar cap, what is the worst thing that can happen?

lvonleheAug. 29, 09 7:23 PM

Nick is an idiot. He drives all over town, has air conditioning in his house, take airplane vacations and buys his kids cars. Then, he complains about "global warming"? Oh, BTW, lamebrain loser Nick, it's 45 tonight and the polar cap is just fine without you.

iluvminnAug. 29, 09 7:27 PM

that the Nissan auto factory was installing methanol fuel cells in their Tennessee plant equipment. The fuel cell company CEO seemed like he was from India. Only Tim Pawlenty's office courteously considered this technology news as interesting. If having an open mind is offensive to the left; so be it.

solarnowAug. 29, 09 9:25 PM

Every climate related article in the strib brings out the common lies and distortions. Try reading what some scientists have to say on the topic:

bikemilesAug. 29, 0911:13 PM

Here is an interesting animation of Arctic Ocean (and Great Lakes) ice cover 2007 thru 2009. Interesting. Sorry Nick, the Arctic Ocean isn't melting!

iluvminnAug. 30, 09 1:23 AM

This month's National Geographic has a great feature on solar energy. They rightly describe the opportunity, challenges, and many options. While they have long shown concern for climate change and environmental degradation in general, they don't call people liars or immoral for diverse perspectives.


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