The fair's new food offerings

  • Article by: RICK NELSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 28, 2009 - 1:10 PM

Minne-sodas star at the Minnesota State Fair, along with a bevy of other tasty goodies awaiting adventurous foodies.

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murba2Aug. 28, 0912:40 PM

I disagree with some of your comments, the scones at French Meadow...not nearly as good, very slow service, cooks in back eating peaches out of the bins, no gloves or tongs to see if they were still frozen...gross! LaLoma chicken tamales 2 for $5.oo, excellent!!!!

kinsleyAug. 28, 09 1:03 PM

I don't know, because it's good to enjoy life while you can, maybe? Enjoying indulgent treats at the fair once a year is not the cause of anybody's obesity.

duplexAug. 28, 09 1:21 PM

these options exist - milk, fruit, corn on the cob - most people walk around the fair ALL DAY! that way we can eat more!!

user1092Aug. 28, 09 1:23 PM

As much fun as the fair is, all this talk about more grease, more batter, and more frying - not to mention prices is starting to make me feel about fresh fruit (like strawberries, cherries, melons, grapes, etc) on a stick drizzled with chocolate or fruit dip for $3

kdj12345Aug. 28, 09 1:28 PM

Agree completely with the above. Life is about occasional indulgences. Obesity is about the people in front of me at Cub buying 8 gallon jugs of that kool-aid like beverage, not my once a year (ok, I go twice) cheese curd indulgence.

theotter12Aug. 28, 09 1:35 PM

Without sounding mean spirited, because people actually have something resembling a life? If you go to the fair and count calories or judge people because of what they eat, you are missing the point and should stay home. This is the time of the year to go out with a bang, enjoy the company of other Minnesotans, and heck - eat a deep fried twinkie or three. And enjoy doing it. I can't wait until I go where I'll get a deep fried something - with gravy, coated in sugar, deep fried again, placed into "Blizzard" form, then covered in sprinkles and shoved on a stick with some maple syrup to dip it in. Hey, I'm the first one to admit I could lose a few lbs (IE: "Husky" - thanks mom) even though I run triathlons and work out about 5 days a week. It's who I am, I love it. So, if you see me eating the entire state fair on the stick and decide to judge me, that your right. But, guarantee I'll have a much bigger smile on my face.

pogue58Aug. 28, 09 1:42 PM

I'm happy that Harry Singh's Caribbean Restaurant has finally made the cut. I've enjoyed his food for years at his various locations. I'm looking forward to trying this new taste sensation.

beckyblankAug. 28, 09 1:53 PM

If you don't want to eat fried food, stay home! This year's visit of happy memories will last me through the winter. But really, there are healthier options at the Fair, buffalo burgers, turkey legs. The apples in the agriculture building, the caramel apple sundays, fajita's, just to name a few things.

sgtsmashAug. 28, 09 1:55 PM

Where is the defibrillator hut located?

DjscherrAug. 28, 09 2:21 PM

For those looking for healthier eating there are options there as well. Heck there was a wonderful organic fruit stand I found yesterday (near the agriculture building maybe? ) that had loads of fresh fruit at reasonable prices. I grabbed two bananas for a buck and they were great.


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