Charles Krauthammer: Prevention costs more. Surprise!

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  • Updated: August 14, 2009 - 11:01 AM

Despite what you'll be told over and over, Obamacare is simply expensive.

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EMarkDDSAug. 14, 0910:57 AM

Yet another CBO projection that shows Obamacare cannot deliver on its promises. I only wish the President were open to this type of information and change the structure of the proposals accordingly. I think everyone could agree that broader coverage, lower costs, and higher quality are all things we should strive for. But if the non-partisan CBO flatly refutes Obamacare in all three of those areas, Democrats need to reexamine this program or we will reexamine who we vote for in Nov 2010.

reasonable2Aug. 14, 0911:43 AM

Dear Doctor. $1000 crown LATER? Periodontal disease treatment LATER?

What is the real reason you think prevention (ala Chuck Kraut the Neocon) is expensive?

markscheffleAug. 14, 0911:54 AM

Yes, it's cheaper to not give health care to millions of people. That's OK as long as you can keep yourself out of the uninsured group. But most people are a layoff away from being in that group!

themostancieAug. 14, 0912:00 PM

who was frothing at the mouth when the US wouldn't bomb Iran, etc. Mega-booster for the neoconservative agenda...why does he think he has a shred of credibility?

davehougAug. 14, 0912:14 PM

I trust the math of the Congressional Budget Office more than I trust the math of a politician.

savagedruidsAug. 14, 0912:44 PM

If what you say it true then Obama should be presenting THAT way not dishonestly. That is the point being made. BO should say, Yes it will cost more, yes taxes will go up but its the right thing to do, not say, its the right thing to do AND its free, not only free but will save money.

MoojaAug. 14, 0912:56 PM

and confirmed by CBO. The idea that broader preventative care is cheaper in general is incorrect. Preventative health care is expensive. Our politicians need to be honest to us about that.

foobarxyzAug. 14, 09 1:02 PM

I think he has a shred of credibility because he is a licensed medical doctor. I'm guessing he has somewhat of an idea of what the costs associated with his business are.

reasonable2Aug. 14, 09 1:13 PM

The CBO can't account for that. Your President advised people to get some exercise. You can't live healthy in front of a computer or TV screen all day, or taking in 10,000 calories while burning 6.

Who in their right mind would make the point that PREVENTION is too expensive? Rational human beings practice prevention in everything they do.

Krauthammer is simply spinning an argument, and with the same old neocon goal to stop everything our President promotes.

Ironically, the reactionaries still think the Strib is a "liberal" paper while Kraut gets frequent ink. IMHO the Neocons should not be allowed to add any more lies until they apologize for the mess they made when they had the reins.

chrondogAug. 14, 09 1:30 PM

and Peggy Noonan nails O'bama's own issue of his increasing ineffectiveness:


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