Patrick Reusse: Complacent no more

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 12, 2009 - 4:48 PM

David Kahn has been nothing short of ruthless in bringing broad changes to a Wolves organization mired in complacency.

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scotchlunchAug. 11, 0911:41 PM

For all I know the dude will not get the job done but at the very least so far he has done something the franchise has long since ignored, the obvious.

wadepetAug. 12, 09 1:52 AM

Bravo to Kahn........

ORIOLE75Aug. 12, 09 5:47 AM

You couldn't ask Rubio if he wanted to play here before you drafted him ?

kakigeneAug. 12, 09 6:39 AM

Will there be anybody in Target Center this winter? Not anyone in their right mind.

fatpigrushAug. 12, 09 7:43 AM

long lost idiots find each other on a web comment section. Take a hike dorks.

stevenkatzAug. 12, 09 7:44 AM

Kudos to Kahn for doing what apparently needed to be done. Pat's point about the prospects for the previous regime handling Flynn properly was well made and yet raises the question: why dod McHale & co last so long? I think the answer is two letters: KG Were it not for the drafting of KG and the ensuing success this purge would have happened several years ago and where might we be now? It is the sad follow-on chapter to that written for our beloved Purple when Randy Moss was drafted; without him Dennis Green would have been run out of town far sooner and again, what might have been... The lesson I take away from this is that one great draft pick has the potential to instill delusions of competence so entrenched as to ruin a franchise for the better part of a decade. Let us hope that we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even if dim and far away.

pappysworldAug. 12, 09 8:09 AM

Very funny article, and very true.

williamkwrigAug. 12, 09 8:15 AM

I think Kahn is setting the bar too low on purpose. I think the Wolves have a chance to win 30+ games with this group. Telling everybody 20 wins is a ploy to get people in the Target Center when they look better than projected. Jefferson, Love, and Flynn alone will get 20 wins. Add a 7 footer and a shooting guard (which they have) makes this team competitive. Draft position won't be much different from 20 - 30 wins, they will still draft between 4-7 and next years draft looks deep. Rambis has enough "name" to get one or two good free agents in 2010. It won't take three years to get back in the playoffs.

duke2009Aug. 12, 09 8:42 AM

And here is hoping things get better and the TWOLVES have a brighter future.

chartgoonAug. 12, 09 8:58 AM

This is a process that should have taken place a few years ago. I'm glad that they have finally taken the right steps to get going back in the right direction. The old wolves reminded me of the raiders, try to patch a hole and not fix the problem. I think the wolves are going to see a big increase in fan following, I know I will be one of the. It finally seems to me that the new leadership has stepped up to take some initiative.


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