Two years after the bridge fell, let's resist urge to just 'move on'

  • Article by: GAIL ROSENBLUM , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 1, 2009 - 10:03 PM
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johnrandAug. 1, 0910:19 PM

...the left in this state immediately began pointing fingers at the Pawlenty Administration. Remember? I do. They said it was all because Tim Pawlenty didn't raise taxes on rich people.

tpdptAug. 1, 0910:33 PM

It's hard to imagine that the man who would not dedicate a 2 cent a gallon gas tax to address the crumbling Minnesota transportation infrastructure, and in fact sought to end the careers of those brave Republican legislators who put their State before his no-tax pledge, can somehow look in a mirror. That he thinks the low life looking back at him deserves national office is chilling.

ralphwiggamAug. 1, 0910:45 PM

I find it distinctly unpalatable that anyone: Democrat, Republican or otherwise use this tragedy as a soapbox for political brow-beating. People died and you want to make it part of your personal political agenda? As one of the first serach and recovery divers in the water after the collapse I say shame on you!

ralphwiggamAug. 1, 0910:48 PM

Little upset. Obviously that's "search and recovery", not "serach". Either way, disgusting.

awshucksAug. 1, 0910:51 PM

While I'm no T-Paw fan, to blame Timmy for the collapse is to forget about our almost universal preference to build it, then forget it. It's always a better photo op for a politician to be seen at a ribbon cutting for a new bridge or stretch of road than to be seen passing tools and asphalt the folks patching potholes and repairing bridges. And nobody likes to pay extra gas tax to fix a road that's already there; so we each share a little of the blame. If ya build it, comes a time ya gotta pay money to fix it; hopefully we're learning that inconvenient little truth.

AnondsonAug. 2, 0912:23 AM

. . . someone cleans up the wreckage piled up along the river under the Washington Ave bridge? Next year? Please?

tpdptAug. 2, 09 1:41 AM

Sorry Ralph, it's political. The studies subsequent to the tragedy turned up countless examples statewide of deteriorating bridges. To stubbornly cling to a phony pledge of no taxes at this point is unforgivable. As a first responder, I would think you would want to go after anyone who had anything to do with putting you in that water.

opticonAug. 2, 09 3:36 AM

I think Gail has a good idea, leave the "eyesore" of broken bridge parts where they are as a constant reminder and an unofficial memorial.

securmeAug. 2, 09 6:32 AM

for people to want to remember and (though it sounds awkward) honor the victims of the bridge collapse. That said, it's important to remember that tragedies happen every day. People die, and it's a part of life. We should remember, and learn, but we cannot afford to dwell.

topshelf13Aug. 2, 09 7:52 AM

Plus it makes parking by that side of the river near impossible. Move it out!!!


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