Sid Hartman: Deadline deals will prove costly to Twins

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 2, 2009 - 4:13 PM

The Tigers and White Sox bolstered their starting rotations, while the Twins still have pitching problems.

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largecarAug. 1, 09 9:24 PM

The American League Central sucks!

burnsy15Aug. 1, 09 9:55 PM

all the inconsistent pitching both starters and middle to late relief (except Big Joe) have been too up and down to get any rhythm going. We need Baker to rattle off 6-7 solid games and the others to follow. It is time to shut down Liriano and go with someone else or a 4 man rotation. We will only win the Div if our pitching improves, otherwise its another .500 summer.

PooOnUAug. 1, 09 9:56 PM

Your article mentions that Michel Thompson recommended Kurt Rambis to Kahn. However, an earlier report stated that Thompson had actually recommended Mark Jackson. Rambis would be the better choice, however.

PooOnUAug. 1, 0910:03 PM

While both the Tigers and White Sox improved their standing with the new pitching adds, all three teams (Tigers, White Sox, and Twins) have weak bullpens. The Twins obviously have the best closer but they can't throw Matt out every night. The others are a crap shoot and the starting rotation is highly suspect. Anything can happen, but I'm not confident in the Twins chances this season.

PooOnUAug. 1, 0910:07 PM

Washburn is a journeyman in MLB. He has been on a tear of late but he is extremely streaky. He lost a series of games earlier in the season and was not reliable last season. The last two months have been the best he has had over his entire career.

DouglasGoAug. 1, 0910:29 PM

The White Sox might regret getting Jake Peavy, he is lights out when he is on but he is very injury prone and he commands a big salary. If he does not produce, the big money he makes will hurt their ability to sign other high priced talent.

viceroy712Aug. 1, 0910:34 PM

Sid, admit it this Twins team is a 500 ballclub. Im being very generous just saying that. They can't win in the east and they can't win in the west as well. This series with the Angels has been very tough to watch. The Angels are going to a post season series cause thats how good they are. The Twins, well their going home and thats just the way it is.....

doug14Aug. 1, 0910:46 PM

For taking our money and yet again proving you could care less if you provide a team in return capable of competing with the best teams in MLB. You've perfected the art of screwing over the public and your players.

dtwil09Aug. 1, 0910:57 PM

Whatever, let's face facts. In the unlikely event that the Twins beat out the Tigers and the White Sox for the division, in the playoffs they will be three and out so fast they will have to use those swimming timers to record it.

frankleeusaAug. 1, 0911:13 PM

Get rid of koppel and dickey...what's going on .


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