Cash for Clunkers: Federal rebate revs up buyers

  • Article by: SUZANNE ZIEGLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 28, 2009 - 9:35 PM

The Cash for Clunkers program has buyers ready to spend, but dealers are running into problems getting rebates approved.

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nickelbJul. 28, 09 9:44 PM

I'm gonna cash my Ford in for a rebate towards a Toyota!

revertJul. 28, 0910:30 PM

I work in sales for a Twin Cities Toyota dealer and it has been crazy, especially yesterday and today. It's a great program and we at the dealership are thankful for it. The wait time for the voucher approval is tough because we don't know if we are waiting 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or longer and when the money will run out. Let me know if you need a Toyota.

miaconoJul. 28, 0910:55 PM

This whole program is a clunker.

gkramer61Jul. 28, 0911:02 PM

Why so rude SLM001. The $1B will get used up. If not by you someone else will make the purchase. Whether or not it is a good program or not is not relevant to your choice to take advantage of it.

dahouseJul. 28, 0911:34 PM

Just think, if the gov didn't step in with this program companies would have to drop their price to a point where consumers felt it was worth it to buy a car. That would benefit more consumers than just those with a 10 year old car with bad gas mileage, and it would not force money from anyone.

jjrehor84Jul. 29, 0912:26 AM

The guy in the pic trades in an F150 for a new one?? Please tell me he isn't getting the money. You're supposed to improve your gas mileage significantly in trade to qualify. His 93 truck gets 12 mpg, and the '09 gets 15-17 mpg. And this guy is getting OUR MONEY for a vehicle THAT DOESN'T EVEN GET 20 mpg?!??!??!

bikemilesJul. 29, 09 1:00 AM

Dealers seemed to be pushing the "garbage wagons", the more deluxe models with a lot of accessories.

lonederangerJul. 29, 09 2:02 AM

Look at that truck Skreen is sending to be crushed- not a scratch on the box; that truck has never hauled anything. '93 F150s get more than 12 too- more like 17mpg if you don't drive like an idiot. Stupid program rewards pickup commuters with $3500 off if the new truck gets 1mpg more! And I thought w's Hummer write-off was bad! And where does it leave the taxpayers that weren't dumb enough to drive guzzlers? That's right, paying for the idiots that did. Yet again.

al55354Jul. 29, 09 4:10 AM

the prices of the vihicle rose 4500 dollars in the last couple days so you are not getting the 4500 rebate your getting a overly priced vehicle. 2 months ago 13999 nissan today 18999 plus 500 dollars dealer rebates. good for the other denny heckers still in business

mcleanmJul. 29, 09 5:25 AM

Hopefully there is no one who is really surprised that yet another government program becomes too large


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