Disgusted, Killebrew takes a swing at drug cheats

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 23, 2009 - 7:56 AM
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StrohkirchJul. 22, 09 9:49 PM

Lance Armstrong have to do with Killebrew? I agree with the Killer and with Bunning. An example needs to be made of these guys once and for all. I think that Bonds can have his record, but I think he should have to wait 15 years for induction into the hall because of his alleged use of steroids. If you let these guys get away with this you might as well put Pete Rose and Joe Jackson in the Hall of Fame ASAP because their crime is nothing in comparison to the cheating these ballplayers did by "juicing up"

misterfloydJul. 22, 09 9:54 PM

you are sick. time, age and too many variables to try mention are factors in why many athletes are not able to win two in a row much less 4-7 times. You call Lance a fraud. YOU are the ignorant fraud.

senorsabrosoJul. 22, 0910:03 PM

Harmon is exactly right when he questions the validity of the record books. To baseball people (like me) they were the holy grail. Now they mean zilch. Throw out Bonds, Sosa,McGwire's home runs as steroid induced. Clean up baseball and the record books together.

need4speed99Jul. 22, 0910:03 PM

release all the names, strick them from the record books and ban the next person who tests positive for life.... hey last i checked pete rose still wasnt in the hall and hes banned from everything for supposed gambling. why is he banned but the others arent... and they effected alot more than a couple games.


I have a tough time imagining it. He's always appeared humble and only brought top flight class to baseball. The fact that he is sharing his thoughts on the cheat matter should be a strong enough message to MLB management. Just keep in mind, true fans of the game, the ones that follow the records, KNOW the truth. As far as these pinheads with the Armstrong comments, they're just lost. The Star Trib should monitor these comments and delete all that are irrelevant and insulting.

thrylos98Jul. 22, 0910:07 PM

Steroids were available in pill form since 1956. Tom House admitted using them in the 70s and said that about half of the pitchers in every team did. Enough with this witch hunt... It is what it is. Nobody knows whether any player who played since the late 50s is "clean". Turn the page and move on. Last time I checked there is a baseball season on...

glenbcJul. 22, 0910:07 PM

i'd like to see stats of how players did before and after being caught. maybe we should have a great dishonored player wing in the hall, from joe jackson on down, would probably include the most productive players.

eviter33Jul. 22, 0910:08 PM

.....I totally agree with Harmon on this and it's quite rare to see him flash some anger, but I'm glad he did. Good article, Reusse!

minnesotachaJul. 22, 0910:10 PM

It was well known that Mick popped greenies like crazy, which are on the PED list. Just know that if you're going to start tossing out records, his also have to go. Blyleven's too, for that matter: he wasn't afraid to scuff a ball when he needed to. Cheating in baseball has been around since the game was invented. The choice is to either accept that it happens and many, if not most, records are somehow tainted in one way or another by cheating, or don't pay attention at all. I can't imagine it's possible to "fix" the record book by tossing out "dirty" numbers. You'll never know if you've gotten the right ones.

dachieftanJul. 22, 0910:12 PM

Every player that has been found to use steroids in the past should have all of their stats expunged from the statistical records of baseball. I refuse to attend any baseball games until this is done. This is nothing but shameful cheating being ignored by the owners and commissioner because they can make a big profit from a spectacle like Bonds in his supposed setting of a new home run record. This was nothing but a fraud and they deserve to be sued for their actions. Every fan that bought a ticket to these rigged games should get a refund.


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