Islamic nonprofit paid for Rep. Ellison's pilgrimage to Mecca

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 22, 2009 - 6:51 AM

The cost of his Mecca trip was covered by a group that got taxpayer funds in a rental arrangement for TiZA school.

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donnikayJul. 22, 09 7:07 AM

...the Muslim group funded Ellison's trip because it wanted to improve communications "between Muslim-Americans and the broader Muslim world." -Just that statement alone says that this trip was not all for Ellison's 'personal' religious reasons! This is so blatantly an ethics issue. Open your eyes! People have left office or at least been penalized for smaller things than this! Get the blinders off and deal with this!

ranger78Jul. 22, 09 7:07 AM

He is quoted in the story as saying, he is "not privy to the internal workings of the organization". But he took the money anyway? It doesn't matter if it was a private trip. As a sitting Congressman, his willingness to take money from an organization he knows little about calls into questions his ethics and his judgement. Both seem lacking in this case.

glassguyJul. 22, 09 7:15 AM

The State of Minnesota sends them money they work their magic with it and call it something else, then use it for activities that I'm sure most of us would'nt approve of.

hockeyfoxJul. 22, 09 7:30 AM

Just how did this benefit the taxpayers. I know the trip wasn't funded by the taxpayers, but was this trip taken at a time he was performing his duties as a congressman.

isit2012yetJul. 22, 09 7:30 AM

Ethics violations should not be tolerated in an elected official, they typically result in termination in the real world.

eric3454Jul. 22, 09 7:31 AM

Does this suprise anyone? Welcome to the New America. It's only going to get worse. Have a nice day!

normalgalJul. 22, 09 7:31 AM

This guy has been playing fast and loose with the rules his entire life. Either he doesn't believe he has to obey the law, or he has no ethics.

AndyL51Jul. 22, 09 7:32 AM

What I don't understand is why there needed to be a holding company involved. Why doesn't the school just own the building, like the Minneapolis school district owns theirs. At any rate this is just another story of how the recipients of government largess express their gratitude to their government patrons using funds that wouldn't be available without taxpayer money. Now let's have some reporting on the League of Minnesota Cities or whatever they call themselves an how they spend their taxpayer subsidized lobbying dollars.

flexpipeJul. 22, 09 7:33 AM

We really need to get this guy out of his office ,he should start being truthful and actually do some work for people in MN

turgidJul. 22, 09 7:33 AM

we would allow a jewish or christian faith organization to operate a charter school, while simultaneously sending politicians on pilgrimages (which sounds like something a PAC would do). My guess is we would not. Is the foundation about educating kids? or something else?


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