Sid Hartman: GM Smith says Twins aren't close to trade

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 18, 2009 - 9:34 PM

Bill Smith didn't sound optimistic on the trade front, saying the team doesn't want to give up its top prospects.

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gotwins15Jul. 18, 0910:03 PM

From his quotes in this column, Billy Smith doesn't necessarily inspire a lot of confidence in either his ability to assess his current team's chances at winning the division or in adequately gauging the fans' collective desire to see at least some tangible effort to address the readily apparent holes in this team. Besides, if the goal is to actually advance in the playoffs, versus being ousted 3-0 in the Wildcard Round by the Yankees, Red Sox or Angels, then he most definitely needs to do more to beef up the offense.

wadepetJul. 18, 0910:07 PM

Terry Ryan is running this team I guess

mccana01Jul. 18, 0910:07 PM

Wolves cleaned house, Wild cleaned is hoping Twins Clear House and get rid of this bum! Johan deal = Failure, Garza deal = Failure, Signing Adam Everett and Mike Lamb = Failure...what has this guy done to make the team better since he took over? NOTHING!!!

stenzgopJul. 18, 0910:12 PM

Don't blame the Pohlads? Are you kidding Sid? They got their goverment hand-out and they still won't come off a dime to improve this team. Also, Bill Smith must think we're all idiots with that answer he gave. How about saying, "Hell yes we can win with this line up or I'd be making moves to improve right now!"

ellinalJul. 18, 0910:22 PM

And who are these fabulous prospects we are so determined to hang onto at all costs? Tolbert? Buscher? Henn?

lehun14Jul. 18, 0910:30 PM

We'll just take your word for it......and we understand that you are having a difficult time doing your job. I bet all that YOUNG talent will bring a championship to MN real soon.

snoozeJul. 18, 0910:43 PM

Minor league talent alone will not get this done, Smith is an idiot

highaboveJul. 18, 0910:44 PM

"If I say yes, and we don't, I look foolish." Bill Smith should realize that he already looks foolish.

skoulasucksJul. 18, 0910:50 PM

Admit that this team is maddening in the fact they dont make deals to improve the club, but sometimes the best deal is no deal. I am not a big Bill Smith fan, the Garza-Bartlett deal was horrible. But I remember all these so called EXPERTS on the comments boards on the Strib in the off-season talking about how we should go and get Garret Atkins or Adrian Beltre. The same people were saying go ahead and give up Blackburn and Slowey for him. Well, I think we can all agree now that a no trade in both those instances was a great move. Atkins has been horrible this year and Crede has been just as good (and healthy) as Beltre, plus he costs us a lot less in dollars terms as well. I'd love to see some immediate help, but you look at trades like the John Smoltz trade or the Dallas Stars trading Jarome Iginla for immediate help, and you realize why teams are reluctant to give up top prospects. I'd say if the Pirates or anyone else is asking for Revere,Hicks,Valencia,Slama,or Tosoni the Twins should say no on.

hugelatsJul. 18, 0910:54 PM

Under the Terry Ryan administration they would perennially announce "prospects" as untouchable. This included the likes of Restovich despite his enormous strikeout totals, Luis Rivas despite his poor batting average throughout his time in the minors, Doug Mintkeiwicz despite his glaring lack of power... I have no doubt that they're tagging Plouffe's all field/no hit self as untouchable now. Sure, it's good we held onto Denard Span, but what's wrong with trading Gomez/Plouffe/Perkins?


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