July 16: Childress says he is willing to wait on Favre decision

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 22, 2009 - 11:06 AM

The only person who will keep Brett Favre from playing for the Vikings this year is Brett Favre himself.

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jchurchillJul. 15, 09 9:40 PM

But I want him to quarterback the 2009 Vikings. Make you your damn mind already!

vikings1Jul. 15, 09 9:52 PM

Nice of Sid to play the "what if?" card in regards to if Holtz would've stayed. Hind sight is always 20/20 if your name is Sid Hartman.

StrohkirchJul. 15, 0910:33 PM

are basically benchwarmers so that Favre can get his revenge on Ted Thompson. Must be nice that the Vikings have so much money to throw around like that. I had hoped to see Rosenfels get his shot and to see what a little competition might do for TJack, but these guys are just names on the roster because of Brett Favray. I wished he would have stayed retired the first time.

guitrainJul. 15, 0910:35 PM

You guys can have him. We have Aaron now... Won't forget his legacy, but we also wont forget his turn to the dark side. Good luck queens, you will need it.

frankleeusaJul. 15, 0910:39 PM

To talk about Favre will playing vikings 2009. viking already make 100million dollas.If he play vikings 2009,viking will make 1billon dollas in business field. tv ad,merchandises sale,ticket sale to the world people.that's why it's very important he come bper back to play for vikings. After he come back,viking can win super ball within 3years it dosen't matter Favre play 1 year for vikings,i bet.

GophercardsJul. 15, 0911:10 PM

Why is the U of M allowing professional players, who did not attend the U of M, to use its facilities?

blasphemerJul. 15, 0911:36 PM

Of course Childress is willing to wait for Favre. Signing Favre is the only chance that Childrss has of keeping his job.

anokamanJul. 15, 0911:46 PM

You were the knuckleheads who couldnt make up your mind on Farve. You strung him out and yes you do have Aaron. Control freaks. I hope Farve passes for 500 yards against against the Fudgies at Lamblow.

linkerJul. 16, 0912:17 AM

I would rather see Favre at Fitzgeralds camp throwing passes rather than throwing to a bunch of a high schoolers...All the same ....I want him 100% sure he can enduer a Super Bowl run.

PooOnUJul. 16, 09 1:35 AM

is really getting stale. Either Favre plays or he doesn't, otherwise, it isn't really a story. It will be nice to get this whole matter finalized, if for no other reason, to let the other quarterbacks know where things stand.


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