Franken's staff holds open houses statewide

  • Article by: Alex Ebert
  • Updated: July 13, 2009 - 10:07 PM

As the new senator works on establishing temporary and then permanent offices in Minnesota, his staff will hold dozens of listening sessions around the state during the next three weeks.

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securmeJul. 13, 09 1:28 PM

Welcome to the nightmare known as politics. Good luck, Stewey, you're gonna knead it.

gobushJul. 13, 09 6:56 PM

Give us a break please. This guy is an idiot and I can't wait for him to really screw up so we can recall him.

ekfordyJul. 13, 0910:24 PM

Is it because they don't want working people to show up? Most of us can't afford to take time off. I guess Senator Franken does not care about the person who goes to work each day and makes $10.00 an hour who can't afford to take time off.

doubleb99Jul. 14, 09 6:19 AM

Vice President Biden warned us that there would be "waste" in the stimulus bill. The latest proof comes from the General Services Administration, which announced that the Obama administration is spending $18 million to redesign the website to show Americans just where their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. This is unreal and outrageous. If the Obama administration is willing to devote $18 million in taxpayer dollars to a website, imagine what government-run health care will charge taxpayers for an MRI.

ekfordyJul. 14, 0910:51 AM

I thought we were all REAL Americans regardless of political leanings. If you are a "REAL American" then I prefer not to be one. You bring shame to your political party senatortruth

jrbobdobbsJul. 14, 0911:32 AM

What does any of this have to do with the subject of listening tour?

I imagine the cost of an MRI would be zero out of pocket if we would have put the $687 billion that we have currently spent on the Iraq war into health care for our own people. A war started based on outright lies by "Reagan conservitives", with negative return.

Outrage? As of February 9, 2009, $296 billion has been spent to bailout risky PRIVATE investments under TARP, while I spend 20% of my pre-tax income on health care. This is while the officers of health insurance companies fly in private jets, eating off of gold plates with a gold fork**. That's outragous.

**I do not exaggerate.

dflpartyJul. 14, 0911:53 AM

All but one of these taxpayer funded campaign stops "town hall meetings" take place between 8 AM & 6 PM; one actually goes until 7 PM. These are normal working hours for most taxpayers. Only government employees and activist groups can attend these. This is for Al's liberal base and not Minnesota taxpayers.

atlashruggedJul. 14, 09 1:07 PM

So is there going to be a clown appearance at any of these meetings?

jimdogJul. 14, 09 1:09 PM

don't know what they are talking about. These are not "town hall meetings", they are office hours in lieu of not having a permanent office yet. All Senators have local offices and alot of them have more limited hours than this. I called Norm Coleman's office once when he was Senator and was told they close at 4:00 PM. Show me any other Senator whose office is open way into the evening as you expect Franken's to be.

joehuttonJul. 14, 09 2:44 PM

Here we go Minnesota! Now anyone can go and listen to some democrat hack from Frankens staff spout lies and propoganda. You will all be sorry you voted for this loser (58% of you didnt)when he joins his Hollywood buddies in ruining our great state! He is in a fog with Nobamamania! Get ready! There is nothing good that is going to come from this idiot!


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