Layoffs put new teachers in a tougher spot this year

  • Article by: GREGORY A. PATTERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 12, 2009 - 9:49 PM

Minnesota's high retention and low retirement rates mean that fewer laid-off teachers are likely to be called back to work.

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drew15Jul. 12, 0910:20 PM

Boo hoo. What? State and local workers aren't going to be affected by the recession? It's going to be long and mean.

samwellJul. 12, 0910:32 PM

Education is an investment in the future productivity of our country. Cutting back now for the simple-minded reason of "sharing the pain" only hurts us in the long run.

zanderkxJul. 12, 0910:48 PM

Sucks to have a crappy economy...

mcleanmJul. 13, 09 5:09 AM

Wouldn't this indicate that we have an over abunance of teachers?

It's sad that we are losing some of these bright young teachers. But because of the iron fist of the teacher's union, we are forced to keep many of the older less productive teachers.

kirby5Jul. 13, 09 5:38 AM

mcleanm-you can blame the union all you want, it's an easy excuse. I'm guessing your a younger person trying to get a job, but please do not judge older teachers. The majority are good teachers who have paid there dues. They may not have "spunk" they once had, but when it comes down to it, you cannot beat experience.

familyguy01Jul. 13, 09 6:14 AM

I'm guessing your a teacher. How does experience really come into play when your talking about teaching the War of 1812, or what Independance day means. It's not like it's being changed every year!! Also your older and retired teachers are sucking the system dry. In Mankato they are in the process of issuing a bond to pay for retirees benefits!! Who the hell is paying our (private sector) benefits when they tank? This system cannot be continued. Why keep a teacher at $65,000 and let go of one at $38,000? Oh wait you don't operate in the real world.

ummmpancakesJul. 13, 09 6:23 AM

Just a thought for people dedicated to teaching, but can't get a job with the district.

rob0483Jul. 13, 09 8:20 AM

I'm a laid-off auto worker who had to retrain to find work. I don't feel sorry for teachers in general for the situation they're in. The majority of them drive foreign cars and are to arrogant to promote "Buy America Products". That leads to no work for blue collar labor, no taxes being paid to government, and no money for the school districts! Teachers need to get off their "high horse" and see how the rest of us WORK to get by!

manitoulinJul. 13, 09 8:38 AM

We had two Fords in the garage (one made in St.Paul and the other KC) when I was laid off from my teaching job after 18 years in the district (we now have one Ford left after downsizing).

sixtytonyJul. 13, 09 8:42 AM

When a teacher retire,with a very good pension,they also hv a option that most retiree don't have,Subsititute teaching. In other words DOUBLE DIPPING.They also getg paid a good wage for a part time job,while taking away from thos that don't have a job.This is a very common pratice.Four individual that I know DOUBLE DIP.Not only do teachers get good health care,pension and salary,but they do it off the backs off the TAXPAYERS.


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