Study by Medtronic consultant comes under fire

  • Article by: JANET MOORE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 13, 2009 - 2:50 PM

A highly regarded surgeon and Medtronic consultant is under investigation for an allegedly fraudulent medical study involving an orthopedic product made by the med-tech giant.

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wbgleasonJul. 12, 09 2:51 PM

From an earlier NYT article: "A former Walter Reed colleague, Dr. David W. Polly Jr., who is also a Medtronic consultant, said he believed that Dr. Kuklo’s data was 'strong' and the episode had been overblown." [Unfortunately, Dr. Polly, in addition to being a Medtronic consultant, is also a physician at the University of Minnesota. Overblown, Dr. Polly? I don't think so...] And the icing on the cake is that Dr. Polly has been giving lectures in the U of M's mini med school about conflict of interest. From the U's website: "Physicians and industry relations" There's no debating it: The relationship between physicians and industry is paramount to the vitality of the medical profession. David Polly, Jr., M.D., professor and chief of spinal surgery in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, tried his best to prove that point during his presentation at Mini Medical School.

wunderdudeJul. 12, 09 3:03 PM

Including the Congressmen who oversee HHS and FDA.

abc4601Jul. 12, 09 4:41 PM

Let the investigation proceed before making unsubstantiated conclusions, the very mistake you accuse Dr. Kuklo of committing. You insinuate that Dr. Polly's remarks are biased, yet offer no facts. Your off the wall remarks are no better than the worst of those you accuse.

mypcaccountJul. 12, 09 4:48 PM

just another anti-Medtronic story by the red star. Keep up with the times....this is a story that was done by others in May.

bobby9Jul. 12, 09 5:37 PM

"questioning scientists about their misbehavior behind the scenes -- notably, falsifying their research -- she came up with results that are nothing less than shocking. It turns out that researchers apparently alter or just plain make up data far more frequently than previously estimated. And the practice seems to be particularly high in medical and drug research"-

twkjosJul. 12, 09 5:48 PM this turkey just take shots at a state that has something more than "corn fed girls." )And are so excited by the big city that they "get in on" in a stadium public "accomodation." "U of M's mini med school" (quote, wbgleason) wbgleason is just another internet troll. He and the rest of that sorry state need to get a life.

wbgleasonJul. 12, 09 5:49 PM

You are suffering denial. The paper under discussion was retracted by the journal because of misconduct on the part of Kuklo. Dr. Polly was quoted in the New York times as saying what I stated above. Someone who, apparently, does not understand that this IS indeed a big deal has no business lecturing in the U of M mini medical school about conflict of interest. If anything I say here is factually incorrect, please point out these errors. For a little more information - if you are actually interested in facts - please see: wherein it states: A former colleague of Kuklo’s at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Dr. David W. Polly Jr., took even more expensive trips than Kuklo. Polly went on at least 12 Medtronic-sponsored trips costing about $30,000, including a $10,000 trip to Switzerland. Now at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Polly defended Kuklo in the Times’ article, describing Kuklo’s data as “strong.” This is probably a place where you don't want to go abc...

jemihamiJul. 12, 09 7:01 PM

How can anyone tell? Every other week, a story focusing on Medtronic's lack of due process is published. The facts are that the hometown giant is manipulative and conniving. The fact the none of the local "paid consultants" are held accountable for their conflict of interest is alarming. There is not one local health system that prohibits its physicians from accepting manufacturer "compensatory stipends" for the use or opinion of their products ... and those are the health systems that report said compensation. Heck, Mayo refuses to even identify these individuals!

mypcaccountJul. 12, 09 7:52 PM

We should shut down Medtronic....St. Jude...3M...Bestbuy...Target. We got rid of NWA. Those are next in line. Down with any company that makes anything in this state.

rwebb878Jul. 12, 09 8:21 PM

I'm waiting for Bill George to share his thoughts about his former company since much of this nonsense happened under his watch while he was lecturing other companies about corporate ethics.


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