Patrick Reusse: Twins' failure to rip off Rays alters Central

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 4, 2009 - 1:05 AM

The Tigers did, stealing Edwin Jackson and leading the division, ahead of the Twins and their Young-Harris combo.

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porcupine12Jul. 3, 0910:07 PM

Patrick, are you STILL ranting over the trade with T.B.? Get over it already. What did Delmon do to you anyway? He's going to be just fine.

billyboyJul. 3, 0911:10 PM

His point apparently is also that "citizen journalists" don't know what the heck they're talking about. 'Cuz ya know that one dude is representative of all bloggers and traditional print columnists never make bad predictions.

jchurchillJul. 3, 0911:21 PM

That Delmon Young sucks, and the trade was the worst in the past 20 years of Twins baseball.

BPlateJul. 4, 0912:35 AM

Again , I think the point here is that you can never have enough pitching, even if it means trading a potential stud outfielder / everyday player for the pitching help. You can always find a hitter but good pitching is hard to come by. Pitching and defense wins championships !!!!

qqqqqqqqqqJul. 4, 09 1:04 AM

if he wears a hat

sobeman130Jul. 4, 09 3:40 AM

i find it hard to believe that anyone would think that the trade with tampa is the reason why the twins are behind the tigers in the central. i'm pretty positive the reason garza has played as well has he has down there was the change in scenery; i was seeing him blossom into another lohse with the twins. and it's easy to fault that trade when bartlett is having his career year. this seems to be another less than clever way to rip on delmon. between heckling (FROM TWINS FANS??) at games and the regular "i can't think of anything else to write about so why not rip delmon" articles, he has to be one of the most maligned 23 year old baseball players. people seriously need to cut the kid some slack. not sure what everyone was expecting, but if they expected him to come in batting .330 and hitting 40+ hrs at 23, they should be reminded that there is only one albert pujols.

amtrekmanJul. 4, 09 5:30 AM

At the time, just about everyone believed it was a terrific deal for the Twins. But the idea of trades is to help one another, not the primary goal of 'fleece your neighbor' like some think. I bet the Giants believed they were getting an All-Star catcher in the trade with the Twins that brought young unproven Liriano and middle-reliever Nathan. The previous poster is correct. Let's get off Delmon Young's back for awhile and hope his second half is similar to the one he had last season. He's 23! Many of these same bloggers would probably have done the same to Kirby Puckett in his first couple of years before the power developed. "He doesn't hit enough home runs, wah wah wah."

ORIOLE75Jul. 4, 09 5:33 AM

It wasn't as bad as Cy Santana for beads, trinkets and a few minor leaguers....that and the Rays giveaway cost us a trip to the Sries last year, and at least a Central title this year.

fwallenJul. 4, 09 6:07 AM

Not worth a comment Pat. You had better hope the radio gig works

jplampJul. 4, 09 6:08 AM

Garza/Bartlett trade may very well be the worst trade in Twins history. No chance that Terry Ryan would have traded a starting pitcher of Garza’s caliber. Ryan stockpiled pitchers. Bill Smith’s job performance to this point – unacceptable. Smith passed on better offers than he received for Santana (Gomez, Humber, Mulvey & Guerra). The Yankees & Boston offers were much better. Smith should have known he couldn’t sign Torii Hunter and received players or draft picks. Small market teams can’t afford big mistakes to remain competitive and Smith's grade to this point - D or F.


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