Too sick to work? That's simply too bad

  • Article by: MARSHALL H. TANICK
  • Updated: July 5, 2009 - 10:28 PM

In some parts of the U.S., including Minnesota, employees aren't guaranteed sick days or vacation. It's a system in need of reform, and two bills now in Congress would do just that.

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amackentJul. 5, 09 1:40 PM

Undoubtedly those evil businesses don't know how to treat employees or run their businesses. We need uniform national policies for sick time, vacation, health, dental and disability insurance, expense reimbursements, minimum and maximum work weeks, travel time allowances, training, morning, lunch and afternoon nap breaks, and we should all be required to say the pledge of allegiance every morning. To he!! with freedom and competition and personal responsibility. Forget about Independence Day. Let's all be merrily dependent on our dear leader. God save the king!

delephoneJul. 5, 09 2:00 PM

pretty sad that some employers are not human enough to understand that people genuinely get sick and need time off. There are those who are slackers and use bogus reasons to not work. The people who are honest and don't do this should not be penalized as a result. We have found in the past that some employers will do only what they have to based on the law. Some would pay illegals less to work because they won't complain about workplace violations without standarization in work related circumstances. Oh wait....

markkallJul. 5, 09 2:33 PM

The caption says it all.

DogTrainJul. 5, 09 2:45 PM

Paid sick leave and vacation are wonderful ideas; now, would someone please explain how they can be implemented without putting small businesses out of business? I do not feel it is case of employers not being human enough, delephone, but of trying to stay in business right now while offering the benefits that they can afford

pdxtranJul. 5, 09 3:17 PM

vacation time, sick leave, and even parental leave, and they manage just fine. When I lived on the West Coast, I found out that a major local chain of convenience stores gave NO sick leave and fired anyone who missed work for any reason. People were literally going into work with a bad case of the flu, which was not only bad for them but bad for the customers. I prefer the attitude of a small business owner who ran an independent cafe. She said that only her employees made it possible for the cafe to be open from 6AM to midnight seven days a week, since she couldn't be there all that time, and they were therefore ASSETS, not liabilities, and deserved to be treated with the same consideration that she gave herself.

hockeyfoxJul. 5, 09 3:31 PM

I mean they are honest...right?? Enron, Petters, Hecker, Citibank, Countrywide, etc. Let's face it, most companies have decreased their contribution to pensions and health care plans, have reduced their vacation pay packages, and have eliminated some benefits. While at the same time the compensation of the CEO and officers of the company has skyrocketed. See the connection. If you don't, you are blind. Let me spell it out. Those at the top get more, while the others get less.

retired999Jul. 5, 09 4:33 PM

you can always take vacation?

retired999Jul. 5, 09 4:35 PM

my company wants you to make up your sick days within a 30 day period. why isn't something like this fair?

pdxtranJul. 5, 09 4:51 PM

don't offer vacation either. We're one of the few countries in the entire industrialized world that have no right to a vacation. And for those of you who say, "Work somewhere else," haven't you read the paper or watched the news lately? Companies are laying people off by the thousands all over the country. It's not impossible to find a new job, but you'd better have a good financial cushion before you quit, and with more job seekers than jobs, the employers aren't inclined to sweeten the deal by offering extra benefits.

dakmarkJul. 5, 09 6:09 PM

5 years ago the want ads were full of Help Wanted pages. People got some great benefits because of the market. Today the market is tight and benefits slim. Market conditions - not the government turn the wheels of the economy. And - who cares about benefits in other countries - if they are so great pack your bags.


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