More fit than fat: State's kids No. 1

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 1, 2009 - 9:49 PM

But with 23 out of every 100 Minnesota kids overweight, it's tough to brag.

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averagemoeJul. 1, 09 9:09 AM

Notice the other article today about Mississippi and Alabama vying for fattest state in the nation. Yet another reason I'm proud to be from a Blue State! Maybe those Republicans should take some personal responsibility and lose some of the fat!

carlsonJul. 1, 09 9:30 AM

that we are paying millions for a new Twins stadium where 30000 people sit on their butts watching 16 athletes(pitchers not included) exercise. Especially now that the Twins have increased the number of "all you can eat" nights they are promoting. Here's the information from the Twins site: "For only $34 per ticket you will get an Upper Club seat and all of the 'Field Fare' you can stomach!"

drillforoilJul. 1, 09 9:32 AM

I bet by getting rid of the illegal non U.S. citizens of MN. We can get that baby down to from 23 to 10.

jmdanielJul. 1, 09 9:35 AM

can someone put a political spin on this? Craziness... Anyway, the whole country is a bunch of slobs. Travel globally, and you'll see what I mean.

KayakbikerJul. 1, 09 9:39 AM

Would require the most money to implement it. Minnesota has historically had a healthy, nearly fully insured citizenry. Chronic obesity is a time bomb for healthcare problems, including diabetes. Preventive medicine and education is as important part of any healthcare program.

Gordon013Jul. 1, 09 9:47 AM

The comment from 'I'm really thrilled" is silly and simplistic. Go to a Twins game and look at all the kids. A lot of them dream about being big league players someday and head out to the park to play. The Twins inspire physical activity for many kids who watch the games.

FoxyLoxyJul. 1, 09 9:52 AM

How dumb are you.. oh about a 9! Do you go to Twin's games? Seen the hordes of kids with jerseys and gloves and dreamy eyes? I don't really have to explain that a very large % of those going to Twin's games are.. ohh what say.. athletes or former athletes? These are people who like to watch professional athletes because they themselves enjoy athletics. (I am not addressing stadium funding)

dubs0002Jul. 1, 0910:08 AM

If we exclude overweight people from Universal Health Care, it would make it a lot more affordable and help keep overall costs down as well. It would be a good incentive to get people to lose weight.

kenn36Jul. 1, 0910:52 AM

coming here form other states? Minnesota is known as "The Promise Land" in that culture. I've seen it and heard it and it sickens me.

fragilemnJul. 1, 0910:57 AM

If you got over to Europe , you rarely see overweight people. Why? I think for one it is their diet, but also that they walk so much just to get around. They walk to and from the bus, or the train station. We are so spread out here it is impossible for most people to walk anywhere.


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