No booze for U sports fans

  • Article by: ALEX EBERT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 25, 2009 - 12:16 AM

At least not at any of the U's sports venues. The regents voted Wednesday to ban alcohol sales at all on-campus sporting events.

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bradtheissenlaJun. 24, 0911:29 AM

Alcohol has no place at sports events.

Mar112Jun. 24, 0911:30 AM

Wow- A little self inflated there - how about they can think for temselves and it happens to be the same conclusion you reached.

dakmarkJun. 24, 0911:31 AM

Of course, takes most of the fun out of it as well.

onelesscarJun. 24, 0911:34 AM

Wow, I guess Minnesotans are not granted the same rights that many other states allow (drinking at college sporting events, alcohol sales on sunday, beer ONLY sold in LIQUOR stores). The government has gotten too large, intrusive and puritanical.

johnnyonspotJun. 24, 0911:38 AM

Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid? Apparently the teetotalers are in charge at the U, and they would rather turn campus sports into Mayberry and charge 14% to go to school, than generate some serious revenue through a completely legal activity. Big thinkers they must be. And no. dakmark, the majority of college "kids" are not under age. There are numerous undergrads, and grad students who are 21+, not to mention the non-student adults who attend the games.

ifallsronJun. 24, 0911:40 AM

Way to have some Samnonite. Will the big donors get a special entrance into the new yard so you don't have to screen them for hip flasks?

mankato58Jun. 24, 0911:40 AM

#1 Universities are about education, not profits and big sports. We should not be making decissions based on making money off college sporting events. #2 If someone does or doesn't come to a ball game because of alcohol, they have bigger issues than the game itself. Both these issues come down to make the decission based on what is best for the community and the school, and don't worry about the economics.

marathongirlJun. 24, 0911:40 AM

Didn't earlier articles say that they don't want alcohol because they would be the only Big 10 that then allowed it...but this article says that only Michigan and Ohio ban it...inconsistency there. Also is this also banning the free beer provided to certain people at the hockey and basketball games? It says sales, but I know there is free beer as well. It's only fair that NO one gets it if they are calling it a dry campus. This is really a stupid move though considering the raise on tuition, the cuts in jobs...sell beer make money, but no, instead they do things that will have people looking elsewhere to get their education.

taxpayer999Jun. 24, 0911:41 AM

How well did Prohibition work for curbing American's taste for alcohol? How well has abstinence worked for eliminating teen pregnancy? Banning alcohol is the most narrow-minded policy that the University could take. Will kids stop drinking? No, they (and adults) will drink even more prior to games. So the University is driving students and alumni to binge drink. Since this is an institution of higher learning, how about teaching students to use alcohol responsibly instead of pushing the problem under the rug and pretending that it isn't there? The University voted to ignore alcoholism versus dealing with the issue. THAT is what I call a lack of leadership.

washbudJun. 24, 0911:42 AM

I'm sure we can find other ways to come up with the millions of dollars alcohol sales would generate for the school.Lets see we could have a bake sale or a car wash.


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