GOP spent $900,000 to help Coleman pay legal bills

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 23, 2009 - 8:15 PM

A national GOP committee spent more than $900,000 in May to help Norm Coleman pay his legal bills; a rival Democratic group raised more than $282,000 for Al Franken.

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likeitisJun. 23, 09 8:25 PM

It would seem the GOP never made a bad investment they didn't like. Every dollar they throw down this rathole is one they can't spend to defend their anemic congressional minority. These scoundrel ne'er-do-wells will obstruct to the bitter end. I hate it as much as anyone, maybe more, but I'm pretty sure we will put them in the superminority where they belong. There can be no quit in a progressive. We will go forward. Eventually we will have real progress. It should be now, it should have been even in the past, and again I hate it as much as any, but never, never, never give in to the forces of evil!!

goody2shoes1Jun. 23, 09 8:31 PM


stribmenotJun. 23, 09 8:44 PM

It's good to see the Republicans wasting their money. It's par for the course--they've wasted every other dollar that's gone through their hands.

warroad7Jun. 23, 09 8:44 PM he doesn't hurt himself. Was your little tirade here heat-induced or is this the way you normally behave? Franken won? Please see Bush v. Gore.

darbydog99Jun. 23, 09 8:45 PM

Which equates to calling 1,212,317 people stupid. Way to think it through dude. I don't watch FOX nor do I watch MSNBC. They are both the WWF of "media". They call themselves news stations but they are simply entertainment. I prefer to stick with that old school journalism concept of having multiple sources verified before you go on the air and start spewing crap, which both of these "media" outlets do.

unionlableJun. 23, 09 9:36 PM

It had been too long for the people of your state to be without two Senators and too long for the the rest of us to wait for Minnesota to send the 60th vote for healthcare reform, the Employee Free Choice Act,caps and trade, equal pay protections, freedon of choice for women on Medicaid, protection for GLBT patriots in the military and the list goes on. Isn't it time for you Land of Lakers to get a candlelight vigil going on the steps of the Minnisota Supreme Court and stay there until the judges make a decission? I'll come hang with you. An Out of State Fan of the DFL and Al Franken.

wizard641999Jun. 23, 09 9:43 PM

To keep from seating the 60th democrat. The party of evil(the Republicans)Will fight this all the to the supreme court. The spend millions more so that the dems do not have a super majority. Just more evil from the people that outed a CIA operative when they did not like the truth that her husband told. You cannot expect them to do the right thing because they have no morals

darbydog99Jun. 23, 09 9:45 PM


caseydog123Jun. 23, 09 9:49 PM

Just like their hero, George W. And the Republicans like to complain about the Democrats' spending habits...FUNNY!!!!

drwilkowJun. 23, 0910:34 PM

As this senate mess drags on to more than seven months the Grand Old Party - GOP continues to shine as the PON - Party of No. No intelligience, no ideas, no moral compass, no common sense, no compromise, take no prisoners attitude, and on and on and no and no and no! Like a two-year old who just learned the meaning of the word NO!


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