Health care facing budget scalpel again, with some relief

  • Article by: CHEN MAY YEE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 17, 2009 - 12:05 AM
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memorylaneJun. 16, 09 3:43 PM

I am a healthy GOP supporter.

rhagenJun. 16, 09 3:50 PM

Let's start by cutting paid health benefits for all elected State officials. If we won't help out those in need, why should the rest of us be pay for insurance for those who don't need the help?

MurlzJun. 16, 09 3:57 PM

HHS has an increase over last years budget. It simply is not as large as they wanted. They had NO CUT TO THEIR BUDGET. To portray the story the way Chen May Yee did here, is a bald faced lie, and one of the many reasons why this liberal rag is almost out of business.

smellycat6sJun. 16, 09 3:58 PM

There but for the grace of God go you. Let's hope you continue to remain healthy and insured throughout your life.

righteeeoooJun. 16, 09 4:09 PM

TP is a man among spoiled children (Democratic Legislature).......

Over the last 10 years state spending has increased by 81% while inflation has been only 28% ..... Over the last 20 years state spending has increased by 192%, while inflation has only been 69%.......

The money-drunk Democratic Legislature refuses to control its spending, and wants to stick-it to the Minnesota taxpayers ..... The Dems are obviously a group of bratty spoiled children who are kicking and screaming for more excessive money for their wasteful pet projects ......

Tim is a man among children... Thank you so much for being concerned with the taxpayers of this state ......

mstortureJun. 16, 09 4:15 PM

How can the governor be so short-sighted? Sure, let's stop allowing the poorest of the poor, the mentally ill, the disabled, and ex-American veterans, access to their mental health medications @ $4.00 a month, so that we can start spending between $50,000-$100,000 a year or more on them in state/county/city costs, when they start showing up in our criminal justice systems, county/city emergency rooms, detox facilities (since they may try to self-medicate), and other social service organizations. This is insane economics! It may look good on paper, for now. But what does T-Paw care? He will soon be out of office, and won't have to deal with this ticking time bomb that he is about to light. And believe me, we are ALL going to pay for this some day. Don't kid yourselves.

jusayinJun. 16, 09 4:22 PM

hasn't balanced the budget - he balanced the books which is something else altogether - ask al capone. the budget is still a freaking PONZI nightmare.

has borrowed massively - the payback on those bonds will be rough 1.56 - 2.37 times the actual amount borrowed - just like your mortgage.

the legislature had the strength of character to say - IF you WANT it NOW, PAY for it NOW.

shroompopJun. 16, 09 4:43 PM

Chen May Yee has spun the facts. The 27% figure quoted in this article is only for the General fund allotments, NOT the total state expenditure including Federal aid. Don't believe me? Check for yourself........

jevince17Jun. 16, 09 5:25 PM

No Medications = Death

mnnurseJun. 16, 09 6:35 PM

I have worked in home care as registered nurse for 12 years and I can vow for the fact that there are many people who really need all the hours of care that they get. Some do not get enough hours. I have also witnessed many others who receive excessive hours of care which they often use for social purposes such as to sit and watch TV with them or to take them to the mall. This is simply not a good use of our taxpayers money. All the media ever reports on is how the poor are going to suffer from all the cuts. We have a very bloated system that could use a good revamping.


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