Tough customer won't end siege of Castle

  • Article by: JAMES ELI SHIFFER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 2, 2009 - 12:00 PM
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stego1962Jun. 13, 09 7:39 PM

I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know the legalities. But it seems to me this is an inappropriate use of a drive-thru. Bicycles are not allowed at drive-thrus, and people without cars can't use the drive-thru either. If you don't have a car or motorcycle, you can't use the drive-thru.

affulaJun. 13, 09 7:39 PM

If you aren't in a car, you can't go through the drive through, its that simple. "I would argue if you're open 24 hours, you need to be accessible and provide accessibility 24 hours". Come on. The restaurant isn't open, only a drive through window. So I guess that's discrimination against non-drivers... get over it!

fketchJun. 13, 09 7:41 PM

If she's able to drive motorized scooter, is there some reason she can't drive a car through the drive-thru? Drive thrus don't allow people to walk or ride their bicycles through them. Regardless of your disability or ability, you can get the food if you are in a licensed motorized vehicle. I guess this means that all people, who don't own cars, should sue for being discriminated against because they can't get fast food 24 hours a day.

nordeasterJun. 13, 09 7:57 PM

Surely there are other battles to fight for the disabled. Eating White Castle and the fat content in this junk food would be one of them... It is really hard to get worked up about this story when the idea of going for junk food at midnight is a "right".

dimassisJun. 13, 09 8:16 PM

So, let me make sure I understand. White Castle decides they will keep their drive through open 24 hours a day and their walk-in service open 18 hours a day. And somehow because someone who is on foot, on bike or on an electric scooter can't order a hamburger during the six hours that the drive thru is open...this is discrimination?? They'll never let non-motorized vehicles in the drive-thru so basically she wants to force companies to either have their entire operation open 24 hours or shut the whole thing down. Is it only discrimination because she happens to be disabled or is it discrimination against anybody who happens to be without a car that evening?

nationaljoeJun. 13, 09 8:32 PM

this is news? and this is what this woman wants to use for her "15 minutes of fame"? how pathetic. not to say that i don't have sympathy for the disabled, of course i do -- but this is absolutely ridiculous. ms. wade, you do not even have a legitimate claim. white castle is a private business and has a perfectly legitimate and rational argument for why they do not serve people on scooters in the drive thru. just like the same policy at any other fast food joint -- public safety. if you really wanted sliders that bad, then show up when the dining room is open. don't use the ADA and associated public resources as a platform for something so asinine. please.

FirimarJun. 13, 09 8:38 PM

I once tried to do it and a police car was the vehicle behind me. It is ridiculous that they will serve strangers from far away, but refuse to serve those who live and work in the neighborhood.

duke2009Jun. 13, 09 8:57 PM

I think it is a good thing to bring this up, to stand up for what should be a service to all, not to a limited #. Since most places that are 24 hours have the drive up, what about those who have no vehicle? Is that not discrimination in itself? I have been denied at some places as I did not have a car, and was wanting to get something to eat. I have also been served at some. After one gets off work, when a fast food service is there, should it not be for all, instead on posing restrictions? Equality for all, so what does that mean? Only for those who drive??? Only those who can afford that ability, and the ability to get a cab? Can something be done about this? Is it too expensive to adhere to the rights of all??

beau0090_99Jun. 13, 09 8:58 PM

It's not about being disabled, it's about being poor. Tough luck.

SLM001Jun. 13, 09 9:02 PM

I have. This policy is in place to protect the employees period. As an operator, I'll take going home to the wife and children over serving a burger after hours to someone that doesn't get it.


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