Patrick Reusse: It's too early to wring hands over Mauer's future here

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 6, 2009 - 10:35 PM

The departures of Torii Hunter and Johan Santana give pause, but aren't comparable.

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brat0029Jun. 6, 09 8:04 PM

Well written. Hopefully, he stays here but the constant worrying about his status gets old, quick.

RapidsCoachJun. 6, 09 8:10 PM

They should offer him a 6 year 90 million dollar contract tomorrow.

Marky23Jun. 6, 0910:30 PM

I'll stop posting comments on the silliness of a career spent covering brain dessert (athletics)when sports pundits stop pretending that parochial sports opinions are indicative of a parochial mind. There are numerous stories of substance that "journalists" are either unable or unwilling to cover with any depth (if at all). I could stomach this self-satisfaction if it were coming from someone an analysis on something of import, but sports pundits cover sports (read never of import). Am I irrational when it comes to sports? Absolutely. I also (like many others) recognize the absurdity of professional and major college sports. I resent that because some people chose to spend their life as professional jock-chasers, that they assume that the consumers of their wares are somehow intellectually deficient when they engage sports at the level it deserves. I can think of no other profession where the purveyors have such blatant contempt for their customers as exists in the relationship of so many sports pundits and fans. Just because my opinion on the Twins may be parochial, does not mean that I lack the avility to think logically, criticall, or am illiterate in current events. Reusse, if you or Souhan want to debate geopolitics, let me know, I will own you. How's that for self-satisfied? -Mark Pearson

wspudwJun. 6, 0910:46 PM

You seem to forget that Reusse is paid to write his opinion, on sports. What else would you expect him to write about? Sure, there is some absurdity involved in pro and major college sports. There's a helluva lot more absurdity in geopolitics, if you ask me. But if you want to debate politics, you probably should head over to the news department and pick on the editorial writers.

RapidsCoachJun. 6, 0911:02 PM

I think its funny...two weeks ago after Joe had a great game I wrote a comment that they should offer him a 6 year $80 million dollar contract that week. Like 42 of 43 people "Liked" that comment. Now I up the offer by 10 million two weeks later and only 1 of 10 "Like it". Weird.

StarquestJun. 6, 0911:04 PM

Why do people spell out the word "dollar" when there's a special key just for that? $$$

dennismcanJun. 6, 0911:07 PM

I stand corrected on drivel versus dribble. Also, bulshit has two l's. You missed the point of what I wrote. I agree with you and Reusse on the timing of dealing with Mauer. If you go back and read Patrick's column, he is very demeaning to fans and other sports writers and their opinions. Yes, Reusse is paid to write a column but that doesn't place him on a pedestal. Well, he thinks it does.

Marky23Jun. 6, 0911:45 PM

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Reusse's job is to provide his opinion on sports.I am a huge Reusse fan, I think he's an incredible sports columnist. I enjoy hearing his opinion on sports (not sports fans). I accept the cottage industry that has blossomed from our passion for sports. What I do not accept is this seemingly growing sentiment among sports pundits that the very passion that provides them a living is something to be insulted. I don't spend 8 hours a day thinking about sports, it's not my job. If sports pundits truly want fans to approach sports logically, they'll be in for a rude awakening, via a substantially reduced pay check. Put another way, I think political literacy matters...for everyone, because the US is a republic. Literacy in Joe Mauer's long-term status as a Twin does not matter, because Mauer is an entertainer and baseball is a sport. For sports pundits to expect fans to thoroughly research the facts behind a given sports issue is ludicrous, given the silliness of the subject on which they report.

michaelblaineJun. 7, 0912:04 AM

No way! That city is a tense, polluted hell-hole.

BallFourJun. 7, 0912:05 AM

MARKY: Reusse, if you or Souhan want to debate geopolitics, let me know, I will own you. How's that for self-satisfied? -Mark Pearson BALLFOUR: I think many of us can out-debate Souhan on sports or geopolitics. He's a lightweight intellect in either area. But I would not take Reusse on in either area, and I'd put my money on Reusse if you and he get into a debate on world political or social topics.


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