Senate recount: A Supreme Court grilling

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE and KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: June 2, 2009 - 12:21 PM

Five justices pressed lawyers for Franken and Coleman with tough questions about absentee ballots and state law.

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monacoJun. 1, 09 2:14 PM

Laurie showed up so they could play the roles of happily married couple with stalwart moral values. Snort.

johnnyonspotJun. 1, 09 2:17 PM

This is the huge fly in Norm's jar of ointment. He can argue the law until he is blue in the face, and has, but without adducing the facts to fit the legal theory he may as well be bailing out the Marianas Trench. That's what the trial was for, to put evidence into the record. Instead of doing so, all Norm and his attorneys could muster was legal arguments and statements by the carpetbagger attorney about how unfair it all is. No proof=you lose, Norm!

samiamJun. 1, 09 2:24 PM

Norm's gotta go

annie54Jun. 1, 09 2:25 PM

After this is all over, regardless of who wins, if anyone ever does win, we should go to a system that lets the original count stand unless there is evidence shown that intentional fraud occurred. A couple hundred votes in an election with a million votes is statistically equal to zero. We will never know with even 99% surety who really should have been our senator.

Mustang1966Jun. 1, 09 2:29 PM

At least Norm cares enough about the election to be here...Wierd Al doesn't even think enough about the position to show up to court in his "home" state...

halfabubbleJun. 1, 09 2:38 PM

Has anything worthwhile come from the comment section?

gkstoutJun. 1, 09 2:39 PM

I believe that Al Franken holds the high ground, and he should not give credence to Coleman's challenges by attending the court hearings. His lawyers are defending him only because they must, given the spurious challenges by Norm Coleman that have dragged this out. I salute his non-attendance. If you've won, why should you have to fight for it--which suggests there is something to defend against.

cags777Jun. 1, 09 2:51 PM

Whoever wins this will not be re-elected to another term.

dgtdgtJun. 1, 09 2:57 PM

MEMO TO NORM COLEMAN: You have become the Ralph Nader of the Republican Party. You are wasting our time and a lot of people's money on a quest that,although legally valid, is destructive of your long-term goals. All you are doing is reminding everyone except your closed circle of advisors of the narrowness of the Republican base. Your party cannot build the future while it is wallowing in the obstructionism of the past.

mitchell24Jun. 1, 09 2:58 PM

If Al was in Norm's shoes, he would be doing the exact same thing. Both guys are the reason we still have no Senator elected. You should also blame Ritchie, as Sec of State why didn't they come up with uniform rules on recounting all the ballots? If the race is really this close, do you really want each County to determine what is a good or bad ballot by their own standards? I think not.


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