Jim Souhan: Swarzak should get consideration to replace Liriano in rotation

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 28, 2009 - 11:41 PM

If Anthony Swarzak and Francisco Liriano keep pitching the way they have of late, the rookie should remain in the rotation while the slumping lefthander moves to the bullpen.

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dbitzMay. 28, 09 9:35 PM

Souhan nailed this one. Excellent analysis. Lariano better be happy with the bullpen, cause he's a hair away from AAA.

enreilMay. 28, 09 9:51 PM

Interesting - this would address some pressing issues.

dmulville72May. 28, 0910:11 PM

This would address the most pressing issues....lets hope the twins give it a try!

brandall75May. 28, 0910:17 PM

I believe if they try to send him back to AAA we could lose him on the waiver wire.

glenbcMay. 28, 0910:26 PM

yeah, the twins always have help within their organization. if liriano can go a few innings a day they should consider the bullpen until he's back to his old form, otherwise send him down. they should consider moving a starter to the bullpen either way.

union1mcMay. 28, 0910:31 PM

Perkins has looked just as bad as Liriano has, allowing 4 or more ER in each of his last 5 games. Hell, Liriano has had more quality starts than Perkins. Swarzak has looked great, but he needs to throw more then 2 good games before you start talking about him as the savior to our problems.

mgcolinMay. 28, 0910:43 PM

Don't know WHAT is wrong with Liriano, but he is a liability, a guaranteed loss when he pitches. Get rid of him now, he'll probably win 20 games for someone else next yar ala Lohse, but he has to go right now.

PooOnUMay. 28, 0910:46 PM

The young man pitched well in his first two games. But we should wait for his next two starts in the rotation before passing a verdict.

johnnyonspotMay. 28, 0910:49 PM

Duh! is all I can say about this piece. I and others have already suggested this move, immediately after his first start last weekend. Seems to me its a no brainer, assuming Swarzak continues to do reasonably well. He is clearly better than Liriano as a starter at this point. Maybe Franchise will read this and it will light a fire under his arse. I doubt it, but who knows?

manolive72May. 28, 0910:50 PM

While Swarzak has been impressive, part of the reason is that he's new, and opposing teams aren't familiar with him. Let him face the same teams a few times and then make a decision. By all means, start him now. If he continues to pitch well, keep him in there. In fact, whoever is underperforming should take a seat. Dump Delmon and bench Punto. Neither one can hit worth a lick, and we can't afford to keep running them out there. I know most fans don't like to read that, but let's face reality. The weak links have to go.


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