Two different stories on the two new GMs

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 21, 2009 - 11:13 PM

The Wild hired a proven commodity in Chuck Fletcher, while David Kahn wasn't the Timberwolves' first choice.

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justsandmannMay. 21, 09 8:33 PM

your a living legend Sid!

polarbear58May. 21, 09 9:03 PM

Sid you are right on with your analysis of these two moves. Two franchises that seem to be headed in different directions.

auericgopherMay. 21, 09 9:26 PM

He should ride in like Kublai or Gehngis Kahn. He should ould come in an clean house. Fire McHale. Get the scouting reports from Hoiberg and show him the door.The rest of the Taylor yes men as well. Sit down with Glen and let him know he will run the Basketball Opertations and as owner he will be consulted, but to keep his hands off. In taking the job he should have had a short list of coaches. There are certainly a hand full of proven coaches available. Get one in here and get him place before the draft. Make sure he has at least two draft strategies. One make good on the three first rounders. Two of the three must be big time contributors, no time, no reason for anymore role players. Make sure the 2nd rounder is also going to play. No taking a player and then trading him on draft day. That has been a disaster. If there is anyway to move up, bundle a pick or two. We need to draft NBA All Stars.

twin1toddMay. 21, 09 9:33 PM

I love ya,but your comment that because the Wild and Wolves sometimes play on the same night the fan has to chose between either game.I think not.Hockey fans are not going to a T-pups game and be bored to death or a or that a Wolves fan could enjoy the Wild.2 differant animals and 2 differant fans.The Wolves have been sad and pathetic since they came and the Wild had some success,but have stagnated,much to our dismay.Sorry Wolves fans,but you are in for many more years of boredom,but the Wild seem to have righted the ship and with a new coach and some free agents signings should be better as soon as next season.Wild,please try to get the Sedins to sign here.PLEASE!!!

PooOnUMay. 21, 0910:07 PM

Superb! Very nice column today. Sid, you have said what has to be said about the Wolves and Wild. I'm a big basketball fan but the Wolves in recent years have been down right painful to watch. They have some great character guys, which as I parent I like, but the inconsistency and "rebuilding process" after KG is difficult for a true fan. While I appreciate Taylor's salary cap problems, they were largely a case of poor management. With the exceptional of Fred, I don't see much positive about management situation.

fitzmanMay. 21, 0910:18 PM

The people have spoken! You are not allowed to comment on anything hockey. The trib is a joke to let you comment on this.

drainitchMay. 21, 0910:44 PM

"since they're forever competing by having games on the same nights, forcing the local fans to choose between a hockey or basketball game"--As if either team is responsible? The league schedule's the games, not the teams.

jchurchillMay. 21, 0911:07 PM

Voted for Bush, twice.

kidcann1May. 22, 09 1:52 AM

As a high ranking member of the SBOA (Sid Bashers of America) I was in shock when I first read this column. I almost broke down and spoke words of praise for the old boy's candidness re the Wolves-Wild GM choices. But I was able to calm myself by realizing this is just another trick in Sid's repertoire of major league shilling. The Wolves situation is just to serious for a ringing endorsement of Kahn at this point, especially with Fletcher at the helm in St Paul. But before Sid's plants his shilling kiss on the cheek of Craig Leipold, just sit back and wait and watch. I've observed this clown operate for too long. His praise of the crew on the east side of the river will diminish exponentially over time. It will be one month at maximum, probably far less, when Kahn receives Sid's blessing and the praise-a-thon begins. Another Lanceman in a position of authority with a local pro sports team? What a great opportunity to pimp, shill and gain exclusive info at the cost of journalistic integrity. And Kahn has David Stern's fingerprints all over him beside. Oy Vey! The new Hartman-Kahn love affair will know no bounds before much time has expired. Rip me if you want, but mark my words and remember them. And before anyone goes after me on the issue, I am of the same ethnic-religious persuasion as both Sid and Kahn, so don't even try. In monitoring this shill for many years I know exactly how he operates and what motivates him.

vashrinkMay. 22, 09 7:07 AM

So, good 'ol incompetent, inept Joel Maturi seems to be saying the football team will be better on the field? But will still lose games because the other teams have talent too and also work hard?


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