Twins get what they paid for with bullpen

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 14, 2009 - 12:26 AM

Minnesota's bullpen was in need of more than just minor repairs, as was evident again.

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studsterkelMay. 13, 0911:56 PM

We've given up the lead more than once tonight but we're still fighting!

studsterkelMay. 13, 0911:59 PM


jchurchillMay. 14, 0912:06 AM


jianghuaMay. 14, 0912:19 AM

A grand slam is waiting!

johnramboMay. 14, 0912:22 AM

........I tell all my starting pitchers they're going seven every time out no matter what. If they've given up ten runs through six they're still going back out for one more inning. The bullpen is just that bad.

xahstarMay. 14, 0912:23 AM

Guerrier is a very good pitcher. It's just that he can't be used as much as Gardy would like. He has to be held back more. He has appeared in several games in a row now. It is no surprise that he then gives up some homers. It happens. Don't overwork Guerrier. He's great with enough rest. After Guerrier there is a drop off. (Joe Nathan is on the elite plane, of course.) I don't want to hear anymore about how many great young arms the Twins are developing in their minor league system. Yeah, right. That's why we had to go to the free agent market. Our farm system sucks. Our pitching coach is OK but he isn't performing great, either. Maybe the Twins will spend more on the bullpen after this year. I wish they would have kept Reyes.

bryanhorwathMay. 14, 0912:25 AM

What happened to Doug Risenblows? He got his butt fired, just like what should happen to Billy Smith. Bullpen is a joke, Twins are cheap and Smith doesn't any good moves. Smith is no big league GM and if that isn't obvious, I don't what the heck is.

blasphemerMay. 14, 0912:44 AM

The only thing that I wanted from the Twins during the off season was for them to sign I'm happy. As for the relief, I agree, Ayala is worthless. That is no reason to badmouth the rest of the guys. Crain and Mijares looked good tonight, and Guerrier will be okay as will Breslow. I'm just happy that they are hitting well...for a change. The pitching will come around. Bill Smith is just the cheap turd that the Polahds want.

xnavysealMay. 14, 0912:50 AM

It is easy to pick the weakest link on a team and rag on it. Reusse is a jerk. Pitching is down, but this is a team game. This year, the hitting is going to have to carry them more. That's okay, I think we have a good enough hitting team to make the division race interesting. After that, well, the Twins are not and never will be an elite team. If they make the playoffs, then anything can happen but they will surely be the longshot. So? I say "Go Twins!!!"

highaboveMay. 14, 0912:57 AM

Finally! someone in the media has the guts to take Bill Smith to the woodshed. The others are afraid of losing their free press box meal.


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