Sid Hartman: Twins-Rays trade may yet pay dividend

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 10, 2009 - 12:44 AM

Delmon Young and Brendan Harris are starting to emerge after being acquired for Matt Garza and Jason Bartlett.

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avery2May. 9, 09 9:09 PM

.... he is incapable of reading the comments anyway...

xsquaredMay. 9, 09 9:46 PM

sid, what next you're gonna say herschel wakalker trade ...might pan out for the vikes after all. maybe after 15 years- umm walker will come out of retirement and tear up the league for the vikes. twins/rays trade was most one sided traded in recent history...along with santana trade.

BryanOlsonMay. 9, 0910:02 PM

If Garza stays healthy, hard to see how we will come up on top-- but you never know and he could blow out his arm the next start. Too bad the Bosox never pulled the trigger on the Santana trade. Ellsbury would have been good just even up for Johann.

aceboyMay. 9, 0910:17 PM

Sunday everyone tunes in Sid and Dave for the best sports talk show on the radio. Sid is one of the few sports guys actually from here and loves the Minnesota teams as we do. He has on interesting guests and I hope he hands out silver butterknife steaks for as long as he can. His column is full of info and I hope I can read and write when I'm 80 something much less opine!!!!

RobK68May. 9, 0910:37 PM

me?? May yet pay dividends?? How long should we wait?? Bartlett is eating the ball up and Garza has been damn good... Hey Sid..I mean the Herchal Walker trade may just pan out too in a few years....

RobK68May. 9, 0910:38 PM

Didn't even see your comments before I made mine...Funny more than one of us is thinking the same things!

mattymcMay. 9, 0910:41 PM

I find it sad that all you guys do is rip on Sid. I think that he has done a fine job over the years. I can remember a time when the first and sometimes only thing I read was Sid's column. It gets kind of old reading all the negetive crap you say about him.Grow up.

drainitchMay. 9, 0910:52 PM

A year plus and the trade MAY pan out? We have a backup infielder and a part time outfielder and somehow we have a chance to have the better of the trade? Genius. Next thing you know, he'll be saying the we dont' need Farve because we have Rosenfels . . .

shorbaMay. 9, 0911:01 PM

sure tampa got to the world series last year. but garza was a bad fit for this twins team. everyone here thinks he's the next cy young. come on the guy has an era about 4 and we have other guys filling in nicely. have some patience with delmon young...the guy can rake the ball. kirby puckett had zero home runs his first season. delmon will figure how to hit for power. give the guy some time. i still like the trade. good for both teams.

joethefirstMay. 9, 0911:41 PM

In the long-run the trade, at best, will be a wash, but the fact that TB got to the WS last year, due in large part to Bartlett and Garza means that it was a bad trade. Had the Twins not made the trade, they most likely would've been in the post season. If, for the next several years, DY becomes a 20 HR, .290 hitter with 90 RBIs and Harris a starting 2b with 10 to 12 HRs, .275 hitter, and 50-55 RBIs, then the trade would be a wash, but it's hard to see this being the result


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