Favre unneeded with Rosenfels in Vikings' fold

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 8, 2009 - 7:32 AM

All the fuss over the ex-Packers QB underestimates the strong skills of the former Iowa State signal-caller.

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jokerman5000May. 7, 09 8:03 PM

For the love of God, Sid, do you actually have any opinions of your own? Or do you just bend in the prevailing winds, parroting the line of your most-recently-contacted "close personal friend?" It is the job of a sports journalist to be more than a mere cheerleader. And, at your age, one would think that you'd have learned that lesson by now.

surfdoctorMay. 7, 09 8:04 PM

Prove it on the field my man. Make me a believer.....

djmn514May. 7, 09 8:11 PM

Lets print the super bowl tickets now. we have the next great quarterback. When will Sid wake up and stop listen to his close personal friends that are as old and blind as he is?

harvintrashMay. 7, 09 8:14 PM

No Favre = no playoffs. No Favre = blackouts again. No Favre = Chilli fired. No Favre = Vikes in L.A. by 2012. No Favre = no stadium. The Vikes want Favre and Favre is turning his back on the Vikes.

largecarMay. 7, 09 8:15 PM

Rosenfels sucks. Did you not see him play last year when he did get an opportunity? He had trouble taking care of and hanging on to the ball. Yep, sounds like a winner to me.

rogodogoMay. 7, 09 8:20 PM

I have to admit, after hearing the upsetting news today that Favre will remain retired and not join the Vikings, I was at the end of the rope...that is until I read this article. Just when I thought our only chances of going past the first round of the playoffs were wiped out, Sid comes in with a new refreshing article about Sage. Thanks Sid for reminding me that our season will not only end in disappointment again, but that the quarterback we have is going to be just fine...at keeping our Super Bowl hopes and dreams on hold.

BismarckerMay. 7, 09 8:20 PM

John David Booty is the only #4 the Vikings need. Cut the girl throwing, jack rabbit TJack and let Sage continue to be the lifetime backup QB and lets see what we have in Booty.

largecarMay. 7, 09 8:21 PM

Any way we can undo the deal with the Texans and get that draft pick back?

prepworkMay. 7, 09 8:22 PM

TJ will be the starter and deservingly so.

Pumptrucker1May. 7, 09 8:40 PM

Jets go 1-4 down the stretch and Favre the Great throws 2 TD's and 8 Ints.Did I mention that the Jets missed the playoffs? Or did you not see that? I'm sure Rosenfels or T-Jack can do that for a lot less then Favre would.The Vikes also won't have to go thru the Favre soap opera of wondering if he is going to play next year like the Packers and Jets have done the last two years.


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