May 6: Don't bring this circus to town

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 16, 2009 - 2:17 PM

By coaxing Brett Favre out of retirement, the Vikings would see ticket sales and media attention rise. But his divisive presence and equal-opportunity passes won't win a Super Bowl.

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Gex4099May. 5, 0910:10 PM

alright the only comment is this, i agree with 99% of what Souhan usually reports but this is the thing. We need points..TDS!!! think if we would have gotten an extra td in all of the games, we would have gotten a first round bye and then some. With favre we would have the more points and our D would play with intensity and look past the ints. look at the jets D last year, not exactly our D. i say bring him in and if he does great awsome, if he falters than put sage in. Either way if we get favre, TJAX is gone since we cant put Booty on the practice squad and TJAX is in a contract year neways so might as well keep booty.

chillicrudMay. 5, 0910:12 PM

Favre does not improve this team but does help avoid the blackout embarassment Zygi went through the past two seasons.

largecarMay. 5, 0910:14 PM

But at least Favre has some mobility and some running ability which Brad Johnson & Gus Frerotte don't have.

largecarMay. 5, 0910:16 PM

Bring in Favre so we can say "Bye-Bye, Sage" or "Bye-Bye, Booty." I highly doubt Booty has much of a future on this team.

marct19May. 5, 0910:34 PM

You have no personality, stop trying to use any humor in your columns, you are lucky you even get readers, you tool. We read you because you are such a nagging moron we can't help it. Hey LARGECAR Frerotte and Johnson are no longer on the team, catch up! Favre is still the best red zone qb in the game and the guy is accurate as hell, and with the vikes, he won't have the nightmare he had in NY with no run game, or off. line. Plus the elements won't hurt him in a dome

jimbo92107May. 5, 0910:35 PM

How about Farve going to Denver? They could use a crappy old gunslinger. Maybe he'll win another super bowl like Mr. Ed did. Vikings should quit playing el-cheapo with quarterbacks. Yo, Wilf: Good QB's cost money. So do bad ones like Farve. So, find or draft a good one, and quit screwing around. Brett Farve is no longer about winning championships, he's about losing playoff games in creative ways.

bergey_10May. 5, 0910:35 PM

Souhan, do you believe that the quarterbacks currently on the roster provide the team with a legitimate shot at reaching a Super Bowl? The answer is a resounding no. Bring in Favre and the circus. If he is washed up the Queens can always resort to the two-headed Tarage Rosenson monster that the Secret Squirrel already has in place.

jchurchillMay. 5, 0910:37 PM

But you're an idiot. You make no rational points and may God have mercy on your soul.

billbinkMay. 5, 0910:40 PM

One: The only reason Brett tanked last year was his injury. Two: The Packer loss to the Giants in the post-season was in the second coldest game ever played at Lambeau (the Ice Bowl is number one). I seriously doubt Brett was the only one who had a bad game Three: If Brett was such a mediocre QB, as Souhan seems to imply, how is it he owns the record book, INCLUDING MOST WINS BY A QB, i.e. not just an individual stat. Four: Favre can be a diva, but he, more than anyone else in sports, has earned the right to call all his own shots. Five: Favre generates excitement for fans and players. The Jet players are just spoiled brats, esp. Thomas Jones. Hey Jones, the only reason you hit a personal best for yardage last year was the opposing teams were intent on stopping Brett. And Jones, where the heck were YOU in the last few games, huh? I'm not even a Vikes fan. I'm a Packer fan, but I'm also apparently one of the few remaining Favre fans. Yeah, he makes plenty of bone-headed throws, but the man can still play better than 75% of the starting QBs in the NFL. Maybe that says more about the overall crappy play of your average NFL QB, but regardless, he's still got game. He makes the game fun to watch, unlike perennial backups like Sage R and Gus F and hopeless never-will-be cases like T-Jack.

mountainrideMay. 5, 0910:42 PM

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! The Vikes are on the verge of growing their own Super Bowl product. Don't mess it up now!!!!! MNinExileNM


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