St. Paul names three schools to closing list

  • Article by: EMILY JOHNS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 6, 2009 - 7:16 PM

The district plans to rework the way students are assigned to schools and how teachers and staff are evaluated.

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RipAndersonMay. 4, 09 8:16 PM

Yet costs continue to climb.

dgb049May. 4, 09 8:32 PM

We home schooled our children. It takes about 3-4 hrs a day, the books cost about $400 a year. All got over 1200 SAT's. This illustrates another example of how government isn't the answer to our problems.

skarjoeMay. 4, 09 8:32 PM

More cost effective and better graduation rate?

rotorhead46May. 4, 09 8:54 PM

Home schooling works if there are parents the parents can read and write the parents can read and write English the parents have a home the parents are sober the parents are loving and caring and nonviolent too many of my students don't have these "advantages". I welcome anyone in the country to come to St Paul and do a better job. They can't because Minnesota already has top notch educators produced by top notch universities. It aint the staff and it aint the school. Education begins with families.

natpugMay. 4, 09 9:02 PM

A major reason for this change is that there are currently fewer kids per family in the area. It's not just St. Paul. There is big bump that is graduating. The school district was build during the days when people had 4 or 5 kids.

smartpersonMay. 4, 09 9:08 PM

I went to a private school for my entire education. I had a good experience bu I can assure you there is a place for public schools and if we commit to excellence rather than slam public schools, we can make it work.

scottvanMay. 4, 09 9:33 PM

The case for privatizing schools and homeschooling as an educational model was settled long ago, we are no longer a developing country nor a country only for the privileged, a free and appropriate education for all is a right. The notion of fixing public schools is beyond insulting. The school system is not broken. However, the public school system does need to improve. This will take a change of attitude by only a few educators, not the masses that some suggest. What are the key changes to improve the public education system? Increased collaboration between teachers and with administrators and results based practices. Parents need to read to their children as much as possible and hold them accountable for being respectful and responsible at school. The community needs to recognize that all our children deserve a world class education. The legislature and governor need to recognize the true cost of providing a high quality education for all.

dgb049May. 4, 0910:01 PM

What a loaded liberal slant: "a free and appropriate education for all is a right." AFAIK the US Constitution only promises life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness - nothing in there about education. Scott continues - "The school system is not broken." I call it broken when you need to spend $20,000/r to educate a child - something that is easily done by a H.S. graduate. Scott continues - "The community needs to recognize that all our children deserve a world class education." Here comes the liberal words - community, deserve, world class. This is nothing but pure BS. Lastly Scott says - "The legislature and governor need to recognize the true cost of providing a high quality education for all." Translated: public education is a bottomless pit for money. There will never be enough money.

lvpops53May. 4, 0910:02 PM

The first thing they should do is make sure that EVERY student can add 2+2, and that they should be able to communicate in complete sentences in ENGLISH.

fifiMay. 5, 09 1:17 AM

An enormous problem in St. Paul Schools is the large number of highly paid teachers not teaching. The district doesn't classify these people as administrators so it doesn't look so bad to the public. These people spend most of their time in meetings, All teachers not spending at leat 75 percent of their time in the classroom should be called administrators so the public has a true picture of what's hapening. It would be shocking.


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