Minnesota Poll: Don't tax me, tax my neighbor

  • Article by: PATRICIA LOPEZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 30, 2009 - 12:03 AM
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hockey68Apr. 30, 0912:12 AM

Jobs are a result of the market; the market is not a result of jobs. The end of saving jobs is fool's gold. What if a job is unprofitable? Unnecessary? Then all it does is deprives the market of a resource that could be used profitably elsewhere, and that would match its real value. Until when will we finally realize that government just screws up the economy?

grannanApr. 30, 0912:14 AM

If the state does not raise taxes, several things will happen. Cities will increase property taxes where people are already being squeezed to the point of bankruptcy, cuts of services to the most needy and those who can't speak for themselves will happen. This is already happening to the disabled who need the services of personal care assistants. Pawlenty has to take his blinders off and look at the needs and make sure all are paying their fair share and the rich aren't. A word to Sarah Dawty, just because you make more money doesn't mean your successful. There are many middle class folks today on the brink while you snub your nose at them calling them unsuccessful. Perhaps your mother should have taught you some manners.

arimareijiApr. 30, 0912:27 AM

Under Bush, tax rates for the wealthy were slashed. Now that the balance is coming due on all that missing money, "tax everyone equally!"
Uh, no. Tax the people who got an 8-year tax holiday and used it to pillage the working class's pension funds. It's beyond hypocritical to pretend that "fairness" means shifting the burden even more onto the working class.

jnkoApr. 30, 0912:31 AM

Our Legislator lacks the talent, creativity, and intellect to get anything right so what's the difference what the people think?

woodtick57Apr. 30, 0912:39 AM

I'm the biggest Bush basher out here, but his tax policy actually was more beneficial for the lowest income earners in our country.

bundyampApr. 30, 0912:45 AM

*sniffles*...we had to halt our remodeling and cancel our first class travel and *cries loudly*...we had to send out kid to *weeps uncontrollably* PUBLIC UNIVERSITY!!! *cries more*...how can we POSSIBLY live like such...ANIMALS!

Pick and choose your battles more carefully next time Sarah. Your portfolio shrank by more than half due to an economy out of control at the hands of deregulation pushed by the Republicans, the same Republicans that probably gave you a terrific deal on your taxes for the past eight years.

Sarah, you obviously have no idea how the other half lives, while I'm not poor, I'm fortunate to have a decent living and pay my taxes. I consider myself successful and I always pay my taxes without batting an eye or whining about it to my congressman, senator, governor, or the StarTribune.

MoojaApr. 30, 0912:55 AM

Just ask your average African, Indian, Chinese. We are wealthier and more fortunate than the majority of humans alive on Earth. The poor in the U.S. have a lifestyle that millions would cut off an important body part to obtain. Wealth is relative. Accept responsibility. Reject entitlement. Look to yourself.

hooptiemplsApr. 30, 09 1:01 AM

Ok this is the third Poll. I have yet to be heard in any of these polls. Go ahead Strib, create the polls, see what you results are. Ok now to what this article is really about, Tax breaks? The only Tax break I saw for being so so wealthy was a child credit the last 8 years. My property taxes doubled thanks to local liberal elected officials. I have never paid so much in taxes as the last 8, so hmmm who got off easy? according to this here paper, I'm Richy Rich!

krshardyApr. 30, 09 1:05 AM

What is wrong with this society? Why is it that the rich are 'allowed' to have all the toys in the world? I am not 'allowed' because I can't afford them. I AM LIVING WITH IN MY MEANS, and they ain't much. I work customer service and since people are not out spending money, I lost hours because I wasn't needed. I do still have a job, but the amount of hours suck. I don't know anything about taxes or the tables on how much a person should pay, etc. But if you make $100,000 a year in gross income, you should be paying more then I do with my $26,000. Doesn't matter if you own a home, have children, or have all the tax right offs you can find. I am single, no children, and I get taxed heavily. Married or not, you make more then I do, you should pay more then I do. I don't have tax breaks as a single person, yet married you do. Where is the fairness in that? They have different columns for 'married' and for 'single'. Yes, increase the amount of taxes paid for larger income people.

krshardyApr. 30, 09 1:06 AM

Should have been "write"


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