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  • Article by: Jenna Ross and Chao Xiong , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: October 14, 2011 - 9:13 AM

Tuition at the U of M has doubled this decade. How can the average student expect to pay for school - let alone pay back the increasing debt?

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onslowApr. 29, 0910:19 AM

People will realize you don't need a college education to get by in life. This society relies too much on college degrees instead of experience. I do understand that certain fields (medicine and teaching) require a college education but some of the marketing and business fields shouldn't really need four years of school to learn. Whatever happened to on the job training?

reggingsucksApr. 29, 0910:25 AM

Much like anything else, if something costs to much, find another solution. The MnSCU system is quite cost effective and competitive. Another mechanism to follow is use the MnSCU system for your generals and then move on to the U. It's not rocket science and do the math before you attend day 1. The kids with debt did this and they need to be responsible. A college education is not slipping out of reach. Attending the U may be out of reach.

mudflyApr. 29, 0910:30 AM

Either yesterday or a couple of days ago there was a story about how the average U of M professor makes $150K, some make up to $400K a year. Administrators get paid about the same. Why do these people make so much money? Make everyone at the U that makes $100K plus a year take a 10 to 15% pay cut, like the rest of the working world. That would be a start to curbing tuition.

alog8807Apr. 29, 0910:32 AM

Do you truly believe an applicant without a college degree is going to be able to get a job, especially if they potentially have to compete with people getting laid off who have the education?

stribread250Apr. 29, 0910:47 AM

Forgive (some) student loan debt. An entire generation has been told that they must attend college at any cost in order to make it in America. Now it's clear that they were sold a bill of goods. They mortgaged their future, and now that they're here it turns out there is no future and all their income is spent retiring debt--nasty debt that can't be discharged in bankruptcy--instead of boosting the economy. Student loan relief would mean more people buying houses and cars.

mnguy12000Apr. 29, 0910:47 AM

Cripes the U IS EXPENSIVE, go to a comm college and get the generals out of the way and TRANSFER to another to get your masters or Bac. You'll save TONS of money doing it that way, as oppsosed to dropping 10K for classes you can get for half that amount.

toolman28Apr. 29, 0910:55 AM

WWWWaaaaaaa I got to pay my debts - oh poor me - why can't I just have every thing for free

SmaxbalzApr. 29, 0910:58 AM

Paying back $25,000 is cake compared to most graduate programs. I made it out of undergrad with no debt, but that's almost irrelevant because I have six-figure debt from law school to repay. Even with a good job, which I have, I'll be making enormous monthly payments for the next twenty-five years, easily.

cuso26Apr. 29, 0911:04 AM

Mudfly, I agree with you, but I can tell you right now what the MNSCU answer would be: "To remain competitive as a top-tier school in terms of the educational value the U of M offers, we must pay our Professors top dollar to keep them teaching here and not at another school." The sad thing is, they pay them that money to keep them from teaching at a rival private school, but in doing so, they drive their tuition costs up so much that it almost doesn't matter if you go to a private or public school now.

schmollskiApr. 29, 0911:08 AM

Just like the Pohlad's and sport team owners and Universities across the country, the U-OF-M's focus and priorities have shifted to building stadiums and attracting atheletes while ignoring the most important factor; affordable education. How about limting the U's exuberant million dollar salaries to coaches, staff and faculty and stop all unnecessary State funding to build the U's new stadium, or perhaps the U-of-M could donate all funds generated by the new stadium to financially aid it's students.


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