Cents or sentiment: Wal-Mart or Target?

  • Article by: JOHN EWOLDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 22, 2009 - 10:15 AM

Most shoppers know that Wal-Mart's prices are lower than Target's. But is it enough to make devotees of the hometown retailer switch? Time for a price and reality check.

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dinodinoApr. 20, 09 5:17 PM

anyway I can these days. I have never been loyal to either store. Target did a dirty deal in North Minneapolis - had the worse stocked store I have ever seen and then closed after taking millions from the city. Walmart has more of my business these days because of their lowere prices. Gotta do all I can to save my money.

getlanceApr. 20, 09 5:18 PM

I sure don't like that the CEO of Target is contributing to Norm Coleman's legal slush fund and prolonging this election nightmare for Minnesota - Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel gave him $10,000! Kinda takes the "warm fuzzies" out of shopping at Target, eh?

nojusticeApr. 20, 09 5:28 PM

I always shop at Walmart and enjoy savings I could not get at Target.

highlandguyApr. 20, 09 5:28 PM

way to take this non-political story totally off topic.

nojusticeApr. 20, 09 5:29 PM

Until Wal-Mart came to town Target was charging too much for their products!

wjtolbertApr. 20, 09 5:29 PM

In my small town in western NY, we love Target. We couldn't wait for it to be finished last year. At the same time our Wal-Mart added the groceries. Big disappointment for me there. In our area, we have discount grocers Aldi's and Sav-A-Lot. Their meat quality is far better than Wal-Mart. So, my shopping $$ go to these grocers and Target. But then again, I am a native Minnesotan.

HerbmnApr. 20, 09 5:32 PM

Ninety five percent of the items at Target and Wall-Mart are priced the same or nearly identical. The difference in shopper’s perception lies with the remaining five percent. Trend, cleanliness, ease of shopping and good service are important to many customers. Target is clearly the winner on these dimensions. The fact that Wall-Mart is now the world’s largest grocer plays a significant role in driving their current business trend; if grocery sales were removed the sales comparison would be much different.

k57pulbufApr. 20, 09 5:39 PM

Former Dayton wal mart, no it just sucks

prozendaalApr. 20, 09 5:39 PM

You may save a few pennies on your TV or t-shirt made by slave labor in China, but how much extra do you pay in taxes to cover the lack of employee healthcare for Wal-Mart employees?

polarbear58Apr. 20, 09 5:43 PM

I'll gladly pay an extra $5 a week to avoid our trashy Walmart store. Plus I haven't heard of manager's making employees punch out and come back to work at Target. The few times I walk into Walmart I feel I've just stepped into rural Arkansas.


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