Q & A with Norm Coleman: 'Getting it right is of critical importance'

  • Article by: Denise Johnson
  • Updated: April 18, 2009 - 11:31 PM
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skepticaltApr. 18, 09 6:00 PM

... that properly rejected absentee ballots should be counted. I doubt that the MNSC will see it that way.

dougbooneApr. 18, 0910:09 PM

If you give up on the appeals and concede then the Republican party won't make you ambassador to Antarctica. If they're ever in position to appoint ambassadors again. If you don't face reality, the people of Minnesota will never forgive you and the only political position left for you will be Michele Bachmann's seat. But no statewide position. Either way, ex-Senator is as high as you will rise. Pawlenty has the same problem. His future in the Republican party is over as soon as he certifies the election. The longer he holds out the slimmer the chance that he'll ever get re-elected, and without a statewide position, his hopes for national election comes to an end. Either way, you've both ended your political careers unless you somehow come up with enough votes to win. But so far every challenge you've filed has left you further and further behind. Bad trend.

drsax1Apr. 18, 0911:13 PM

Where are the corresponding interviews with Franken to hear his side of things? For the past 2 weeks all we have seen in this paper are ongoing interviews and supporting articles for Coleman and Ginsburg. Let's see a few interviews with Franken and Elias to hear what they think of all of this.

BallFourApr. 18, 0911:18 PM

Nawm hittin' the pavement is clearly a highly orchestrated "campaign" - as these people call it, drummed up by some public relations firm. They gathered at least a dozen people and spent tens of thousands before Nawmie ever began hittin' up the editorial boards and getting his phiz in any and all media. Sorry, Nawm and p.r. pals, we're too hip for the room on this one.

jimbob21aApr. 18, 0911:46 PM

Since some voters got their votes counted when they didn't fully comply with Minnesota law (like the convicted felon that voted for me), we have to count all of the illegal ballots----because in GOPland, two wrongs make a right, as long as I win. If I don't win then we'll try for three, or maybe four wrongs in order to make a right---my right to win, that is.

lvpops53Apr. 19, 0912:11 AM

Give it up Norm. You lost. Period.

johngary66Apr. 19, 0912:33 AM

I sometimes wonder if the new Corp. owners of the Star/Trib think former subscribers didn't notice their slow but obvious movement to the right of center since they took over. Yeah, yeah, we buy your story of attempting to be more balanced, just like we buy Normies BS. Did you guys ever think that may be one of the reasons your going broke?

samo45Apr. 19, 09 1:22 AM

Now if the Star Tribune hooked Norm up to a lie detector while he answered those questions -- that would be fun to watch.

rmartell5Apr. 19, 09 1:27 AM

He apparently did not read the Minnesota Statutes. The Judges had the responsibility to: 1, determine which party received the highest number of legal -- not illegal -- votes, and 2, determine who was entitled to the certificate of election. As to all other matters 3. the Judges were to take the evidence -- which Coleman's lawyers did not prove up-- and forward that to the United States Senate. The Senate, not the Courts, is the body that judges its own elections. Why is it so hard for Norm to understand the process he just went through? He acts as though he expects the Minnesota Supreme Court to order counting illegal votes. Not going to happen.

hejsanApr. 19, 09 7:31 AM

Disappointing is the first word that comes to mind with the Star Trib's coverage of Franken's election win (and Coleman's election loss). This paper has been almost as pathetic as the ex Senator in refusing to acknowledge that in a highly transparent and non-partison process Franken has been shown to have received the most legally cast ballots. Why doesn't the Star Trib finally get it and call on Coleman to give up his egotistical and obstructionist appeal and suggest to him that the people of Minnesota are better served by him doing what is right and honorable? It is absurd that this newspaper that endorsed him won't even call on him to keep his own suggestion to Franken to concede when initial vote tallies showed him trailing (even if state law wouldn't have allowed for Franken to avoid a recount). Perhaps hypocrisy and self-serving policies have become the new norm for the Star Trib staff. Kind of sad, isn't it?


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