Coleman: 'I think the law is on our side'

  • Article by: KEVIN DUCHSCHERE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 17, 2009 - 5:22 AM

Norm Coleman says his fight is for more than a U.S. Senate seat, it's for a constitutional principle.

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samo45Apr. 16, 09 1:21 PM

Yah, shoore, Norm.

ifallsronApr. 16, 09 1:23 PM

We are owed the opportunity to see that the election count is correct regardless of who becomes the winner.

Mpls1989Apr. 16, 09 1:24 PM

Give it up norm you're a sore loser! You got something Al Gore never got and that was a hand recount of every ballot with the option of challenging them...PLUS you got to appeal that.1 This is not Florida but you sure are trying to make it seem that way!

dnegriApr. 16, 09 1:28 PM

Nothing out of Coleman's mouth that I haven't been hearing daily from GOP pundits over the past two months, at least. Since latest poll shows 60% of Minnesotans want Coleman to give up (either now or after the Mn Supremes rule against him), he better come up with something new if he wants to take it to SCOTUS, and hopes to avoid ruining the Minnesota GOP even worse than Bachman and Pawlenty have.

bogancsApr. 16, 09 1:30 PM

Bow out gracefully like Al Gore did. You've had your day in court, (actually 5 months in court). You're the looser.

jasonsamuelsApr. 16, 09 1:30 PM

"I say this humbly, I don't spend 30 seconds worrying about my political future," This is a bald faced lie. If there are two things about Norm Coleman that have always been true, it's ego and political ambition. A close third is hypocrisy, which is more than evident in his "concern" to count ballots that he didn't want counted before his lead vanished in the recount.

johnnyonspotApr. 16, 09 1:31 PM

but the last 30 years, which include the last 30 seconds, a resounding YES. Coleman saying he does not worry about his political future is like an iceberg saying its not concerned with rising ocean temperatures.

logician88Apr. 16, 09 1:33 PM

How about counting those 4,400 ballots that Norm wants counted? My guess is that he will STILL be behind, and if he is that should take care of it. Of course, then he would appeal on some other grounds. Hey conservatives -- I haven't heard any of those "sore loser" jokes that you thought were SO funny for years after Bush vs. Gore recently! I thought you guys always accepted the outcome of elections without question? What a bunch of hypocrites you are.

FreealonzoApr. 16, 09 1:34 PM

Yea, he spends every waking hour thinking about his political future. Has been for years.

jr2001Apr. 16, 09 1:35 PM

Only time will tell now. all legal options are going to be exhausted by both sides before there is a winner. I recommend we all just let the process work itself out, stop all the cheap shots (both ways) and go enjoy a rare beautiful day outside in Minnesota.


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