Michele Bachmann: Lost jobs, big hikes in your bills -- that's cap-and-trade

  • Article by: MICHELE BACHMANN
  • Updated: April 7, 2009 - 6:58 PM

Low- and middle-income Americans will pay dearly for this Democratic idea.

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johnnyonspotApr. 7, 09 9:11 PM

"...essentially meaning that Minnesotans will be paying for New Yorkers' energy." Wow, really! Gosh, when I voted for Obama I had no idea he was going to force me to pay for New Yorkers' electricity. Taking all my guns away, now I was a little bit angry about that but figure I can always buy more, right? But paying for New Yorkers' electricity, I gotta draw the line there. I mean, I am all for clean air and all that crunchy granola sister golden hair kind of stuff, but no way am I supporting a bunch of New Yorkers. That is the be all and end all. I used to think Michele was a right wing tool, but now have to say I love her! She caught this before it could take off so now we can make sure we don't end up paying for New Yorkers' electricity. I now see the wisdom of my fellow voters in the district. Michele, she is quite a sage. Viva Michele!

jusayinApr. 7, 09 9:39 PM

[ 1 ]- expensive gas is coming back - with CapNTrade or without [ 2 ] The Bush Administration completely ignored , and in fact buried any efforts at efficiency - thus pushing America 8-10 years late behind the curve on energy solutions other than digging holes. [ 3 ] You were elected and are well paid to find solutions - this looks like a test run of your next set of election pamphlets. Know this - if your next two years are filled only with flashy red-lipped carping and nothing in the way of substantive, passable legislation that addresses specific problems - you'll be reading it in the leaflets dropped in your district. Get to work. Write a bill, lobby for it and get some democrats to back it. If you can't do that - get out of the way.

ORIOLE75Apr. 8, 09 5:34 AM

Wonder how much money Michelle is taking in from big oil, big energy and thier lobbyisits ? Fess up now,

pdunya13Apr. 8, 09 9:50 AM

In case you missed it, her latest is that the Obama government is going to send children to reeducation camps to indoctrinate them in philosophy.

That's who you voted for sixth district. Wow. I think I figured it out, the women at John McCain's townhall meeting in Lakeville who called Obama an Arab was the representation for the type of America the sixth district and the Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck are hoping for. One where the members claim crazy a$$ conspiracies about the opposition but never question any of there wacked out leaders.

Truly an amazing case study in group think. Please don't tell me about the Obama worshipers and call them sheep. Try to spark up a conversation with the majority of democrats and independents and they show clear, liquid, critical thinking skills, that show independent thought. Try the same thing with a majority of republicans and you can hear the same talking points on any right wing radio talk show or Fox news. I would ask everyone to be objective with this experiment and use the scientific method (something the righties are not a fan of) and you will see I'm right. P.S. I'm not a Democrat, I'm just able to practice objectivity. By doing so, I see the right as being far, far more susceptible to group think. Point in case, every historian in the world knows the NAZI movement was a rightest movement, but the righties claim otherwise because they have been brainwashed. One other thing, right now the German government is cracking down on "right" wing NAZI groups. But hey if you don't think nationalistic rhetoric laced by you are a patriot if you are with us but a traitor if not is not a right wing mantra, your indoctrination, much like those of pre WWII Germany is complete.

emufarmerApr. 8, 09 9:53 AM

Hard to ignore the crazy things she says and believes, but this cap and trade with carbon credits is another scam to collect revenues keeping the poor poorer and the rich richer. Any efficiency industry creates get neglected by the energy suppliers raising the rates. Bottom line we keep getting screwed, doesn't mean you should ignore the main and broader agendas behind this.

ematthewApr. 8, 0910:20 AM

She must have just lifted the text for this article from a big oil lobbyist. I didn't realize so many oil people lived in the 6th district - because is sure sounds like she is representing them in this article.

jjwarrenApr. 8, 0910:29 AM

The mit professor wrote a letter asking that this false $3000 number not be used anymore as the math is incorrect. http://thinkprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/republican.pdf

mplsjimApr. 8, 0912:28 PM

Why would someone use a figure when the original source of that figure has said that figure is wrong (and has provided the reasons)? And also have it published in the predominant media in the state? That would be called either ignorance or immoral behavior. Great representative we have there -- she is either a moron or a liar. One cannot believe a word she says.

ticknoApr. 8, 0912:38 PM

... maybe it's because they print stuff the know is bat s**t crazy.

rhetheringtoApr. 8, 0912:38 PM

From TalkingPointsMemo: We've reported exhaustively on this myth and its persistence, and will continue to do so. We were just hoping for a brief respite from it--but no such luck. The punch line is that one of the MIT study's authors has come forward very publicly to say just how terribly wrong this talking point is. House Republicans...respectfully disagree. Perhaps we should applaud Bachmann, though. After all, this phony statistic has circulated throughout the Republican ranks for quite some time. And using a fake statistic as a standard talking point isn't too bad compared to Bachmann's other pronouncements about the dangers of re-education camps and replacing the dollar, or the people becoming slaves, or how the country is at the point of revolution. Really, this is one of her tamer moments.


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