Where does the University's money go?

  • Article by: Eva von Dassow and Timothy Brennan
  • Updated: April 6, 2009 - 4:56 PM

Minnesota’s dire economic straits mean budget cuts for every state-supported entity. Accordingly, the University of Minnesota is facing a drastic reduction in its state appropriation. How drastic has yet to be decided, but Gov. Tim Pawlenty has recommended a reduction of $151 million for the coming biennium, plus a further $36 million reduction starting in 2010.

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cloyd42Apr. 6, 09 5:17 PM

Does the U of M have any idea what its actual mission is?

Michael013Apr. 6, 09 6:03 PM

It makes money. Cost came from the u of course, student fees, corp. donations, private donations. Educational funds come from taxpayers that don't or never went their, the Fed. and of course corp. and private donations. Does it even out? Depends who you believe and whoose financial statements your read/believe.

davehougApr. 6, 09 6:36 PM

Take all income from sports, subtracts costs and stadiums and see if the U supports sports or sports support the U and at what %. My bet is the U without sports would have fewer scandals, more money and more students. Tell me your views at davehoug@comcast.net

Jim2005BeamApr. 6, 09 8:25 PM

already have something in the works about capping salaries and bonuses at taxpayer supported institutions. Or is that only for the financial and auto industries?

spicebearApr. 6, 09 9:53 PM

I think you can find the same thing @ MnSCU schools and in public schools. Growth in suits and people who assist suits. Also, look for over-credentializing... Do you REALLY need to be a Dr. of Education to be a principal??

ericeldredgeApr. 6, 0910:01 PM

I'm a university student who is being buried under mountains of debt to earn a degree which provides little guarantee that I'll be able to gain employment in my field of study once I graduate. What is certain is that I will start my adult financial life deep in the hole while these useless VP's live lavishly. Their gain comes at the expense of me and my fellow students and it must stop.

greatxApr. 6, 0910:04 PM

We must need about eleven more VP's for Obama! What the h*ll do twelve VICE PRESIDENTS do?

trazzer78Apr. 7, 09 8:03 AM

I took an ancient history course with Dr. Von Dassow, and if anyone at the U should be making a six-figure salary, it is her and others like her. The growing number of "administrators" has been happening for years now at the U, but no one in government has done anything about it. Since the university budget is as dire as it always is, the additional vps and such don't seem to be very effective, but when you have the lunatics running the asylum, why should they be?

fiebertApr. 7, 09 8:20 AM

Why is education not the focus of the U? Research, sports, etc should be secondary to educating our youths. Our society almost requires a degree to get a job that will support you and your family but exacts a steep price from the student for this "requirement". I work for government and am not surprised at the "top heavy" management at the U. It is the same with every government entity. When will our legislators wise-up and stop this practice?

nojusticeApr. 7, 09 8:36 AM

How come they are proposing debt while the governor is cutting expenses?? THERE ARE TOO MANY CAMPUSES! CLOSE 50% OF MNSCU CAMPUSES AND SOME OF THE UOFM CAMPUSES!


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